Ms and mental health

Hi, im wondering if anyone with ms has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder also. I have been referred to the community memtal health team because im very paranoid at the moment. My oh thinks its ms related. Has neone heard of this before? Im very scared and confused at the minute. Thanks

Dear Molly31. It has taken eight months and finally today I received a letter which finally confirmed that I have MS. I have many physical symptoms but for me, the most worrying thing is my loss of …my brain?

I have always been strong, clever-ish, organised, a head of department in a large and challenging school. But now, I am a new person. I stumble over words. I dribble. I have lost my memory and my ability to concentrate. I cannot multi-task and I have lost empathy. I have dreadful anxiety. Panic attacks. Fear. I can see things out of the corner of my eye and imagine that things are behind me.

I have shared this with my doctor and so far I have been offered counselling and Prozac.

Maybe as I get used to my MS, things will become more stable?

I am sorry that you are struggling and that I cannot help you. Keep communicating with those who love you and know that you are not alone.

warmest thoughts Ali

ps. I am hopeless! It has taken over half an hour to write this! Read, Re-write, correct etc.

Pps. My neurologist doesn’t believe that my cognitive stuff is part of the MS although I think that it is

Patience & Molly,

i am no expert


there are potentaly 3 issues.

  1. Stress re ms. Extrem stress causes so so many issues, physical & emotional.

  2. Ms can affect ‘feelings’. - depression etc.

  3. Memory issues… Lol, I nearly typed no.3 can’t remember what it was going to be !

but to follow on, it’s a huge emotional impact to except new limitations at the same time as trying to come to terms with the fact that it may/may not get worse. Patience, are you still ‘employed’. ? Because if you are go back. Learn how to work around no short term memory, fatige etc.

Trust me, it’s possible.

i have ppms and have suffered with bi-polar type 2 for the last 15 years, but now they are saying some of the bi-polay behaviour may well have been undiagnosed ms