Dentist Care


I am a Carer for my partner who has MS.

I am trying to find out please, what happens financially; when it comes to my Dental Care now please?

Do I now have to pay for it now please? I am really in need of getting a dentists asap :frowning: but really cant afford to pay their prices privately.

Be grateful for any/ all advice given…



Can you not find a NHS dentist in your area.My partner is my carer and we both have an NHS dentist but we still have to both pay the NHS charges.

Anon, these may help answer some questions - Good luck.

I’ve got medicare insurance, and it covers a significant part of dental services. However, if you can’t afford it, you can apply to NHS. Still, if the problem is severe and requires surgery, you’ll have to join the waiting list. Therefore, if I had an emergency, I would prefer to be seen privately rather than waiting for an NHS dentist. It’s up to you what to chose. Anyway, do you know if ms patients can get dental implants? I’m in the early stage of the disease, and it’s pretty tricky to maintain the fit of my denture. I appreciate any help you can provide.