Dental pains

Does or has anyone suffered with dental pains since their diagnosis? I went to the dentist last week with horrible sensitivity in a tooth which I assumed was due to a damaged filling. After visiting the dentist she looked, x-rayed and found nothing was wrong with the tooth offering me sensitivity. Anyone had anything similar?

K. x

Have you considered trigeminal neuralgia? Many people have had one or more teeth removed only to discover that it was neuropathic pain all along. You do not describe your symptoms so it’s hard for me to speculate but TN is certainly something to think about



yes me!

i begged my dentist to remove 2 teeth. as wendy says it could be tn but nothing else would take my pain away.

removal is drastic but no regrets from me and i am grateful for a dentist that listens to me.

no pain since-that was 6/7 yrs ago.

hope u r painfree soon.


She’s suggested a root canal but I’d rather have the thing removed. Even applying sensodyne to the area sends a shooting pain through me for a few seconds, much like drinking a cup of tea too.

hiya again

just read ur reply above.

if its only for a few seconds then removal is drastic!

however pain is pain and only you can decide what u can tolerate…


It’s always there (the pain) so much so I neglect using the left side of my mouth to eat/drink. The intense pain is for a few seconds after something is applied to the tooth, sensodyne in this case. I might suggest they take them all out!!


yep-until you are experiencing the pain then u just feel like punching someone who hasnt a clue just how ‘all consuming’ it is!

i didnt punch anyone-just explained as best as i could how it was affecting my daily (hourly!) life.

i really hope u reach an outcome that suits you…



About 3 years before I was dx I too suffered horendous tooth ache in my bottom back teeth. This was 20 years ago but I still remember it cos my daughter was a baby and I remember having to sort out babysitting so I could go to the dentist. At the time he examined my teeth and mouth and could find nothing wrong. I must have gone back about 3 times in a ,matter of a week and was virtually begging him to extract the teeth. He refused and prescribed me some medication-can’t remember what it was but the tablets really helped and the pain went away. Touch wood it has never returned but I have wondered if it was the start of MS symptoms.

Hope you get some relief soon as toothache is horrible.


I recognise this - about a month ago I had toothache on and off for about two weeks - long enough to decide there was something definitely wrong - it hurt a lot! I made an appointment to see the dentist but the pain stopped in the meantime. Xrays showed no problems and it has not come back.

I think if I were you I would try to hold on a while in case it is one of those weird MS things which come and go

Best wishes


TN is one of my biggest fears, so when I started having this pain a few weeks ago, I was terrified I was in for it. I had a colleague who had TN and she told me it was the worst pain she had ever known. They name it the suicide disease…

I had two upper wisdom teeth removed and the pain has gone so I’m very thankful.

It is, if nothing else, a good excuse to push yourself and get a check up at the dentist

I have never taken so much care of my teeth as now I tell you!

Seem to be getting a little better, not sure if it’s the toothpaste or not. Been brave and attempted to eat on that side but still a bit wary of going great guns with it. Might start having a large whiskey before eating to numb the possible pain… :slight_smile:

I suffered bad nueralgia last year. Was worst thing ever. Went up side jaw into ear and up to head. Thought was coming off tooth. As tooth was very painful to touch. Turned out i took relapse and was given steroids. Pain went away after about 3 days. Now im starting to get twinges this week on both sides of face just hope im not in for another episode. As worse pain ive ever known.

Yea - I’ve pain in teeth but nothing wrong, when dentist checked it out - seems to be neuropathic pain…

Ever since I’ve had my Campath treatment the pain has vanished thankfully.

I have been having pain, only on one side of my jaw, for about a week. It is a shooting pain that only lasts for a second or something but hurts sooo much. It is getting worse - last night I was in tears over my dinner as the pain was so bad. I’ve seen the dentist, who could not get the pain to come by tapping my teeth and X-rayed me and said my teeth are all fine. The pain comes when I eat or clean my teeth or speak in a very animated way. Truly horrible.

Hi folks I’m the same. I have had a sensitive bottom tooth fora few weeks now. Seems to go away with ibuprofen but comes back again. I’m due to go to the dentist but I have a feeling it’s ms. It’s on the same side of my body that gives me all my problems. I agree that it is painful and annoying. Mags xx

Trigeminal Neuralgia is horrendous - it is one of the first things l suffered with before diagnosis. The pain got so bad - all my teeth on one side - including my ear were driving me mad. With no exaggeration l could have shot myself - truly it was that bad - and l consider myself a toughie. Actually, shingles was nearly as bad -

l had TN off and on for years - then l started taking LDN - and touch wood have not had it since.

i have just gone through the same, i thought i had an abcess a few days ago, i had really severe pain in one of my teeth, went to dentist.nothing wrong with my teeth, so putting it down to TN as i had same problem a few years ago with same tooth. i have never known such severe pain in my life, i have a high pain threshold too,i gave birth with no pain relief,but this pain is really bad.

J x


in the past 2 months i have had fillings fall out and parts of teeth just falling out!

why?! i have no idea! my dentist is good but he doesnt know alot about ms. neuro-i cant get to see!

gummy ellie


i love your idea of a large whisky before eating to numb the tooth.

i practise preventative dentistry by having a single malt every night!!!


carole x