Repeat tooth problems??

Hi everyone - was wondering if anyone suffered from repeat tooth problems and toothache? I’ve had to have 2 root canals in the past couple of months and think this will be another one. Has anyone else suffered from repeat tooth problems?

Hi, I’m dreading this but suspect I need root canal. I do seem to have more than my share of problems and I go to the dentist regularly and try to look after my teeth. I take pregabalin, and vit d with calcium supplements. Just a question. My nails have become very soft and bend back easily and tear. Does anyone else find this? Is it linked to calcium and teeth problems?

I visit a dental hospital regularly and have had several teeth removed. I suffered phantom pain after the extractions and was told it was referred pain as the nerves affect not only the tooth removed but all teeth on that side so this may be what you are experiencing sunshine. I may be barking up the wrong tree but worth asking.

I’m starting to think that when he did the last root canal he might not have got all the nerve cut out and that’s why I’m having pain and that the tooth underneath it on the bottom jaw is referred pain- hope so anyway!!! The dentist previously couldn’t work out why the two teeth had suddenly become problematic - haven’t had to have dentistry work for a while prior to that. I’m in absolute agony at the moment and I’m sure that I’ve got an infection in the tooth and that the nerve has been affected as a result - just can’t work out why I’ve had so many problems as it’s only happened since being ill. Another strange thing that they can’t seem to work out!!! Grrrrr! :frowning:

It can seem like tooth pain,and people have teeth removed because of it, but trigeminal neuralgia ™ can be a problem with us with MS,i nearly lost a back tooth, when this was the problem,it was 20 years ago,and i still get the toothache like pain at times.

The pain has been constant for the past few days and has got worse in the past 24 hours. I read up on trigeminal neuralgia previously but I’m not sure it’s that - also there was no question previously with the root canals because the minute the dentist put the cold thing on the tooth the pain was instant