deformed looking toes

just sat here in bare feet and noticed that my toes are strange.

i have never noticed this before.

on my right foot they seem to fold the wrong way.

left foot toes lie straight (ish) and flat but on my right foot they seem to bend at the first knuckle and bend the wrong way too.

my son asked if it hurt but they don’t hurt although it looks as if they do.

i’m a walking freak show!!

it takes forever to get an appointment for the chiropodist and they’ll either have dropped off or gone back to normal.

so a walking freak show i’ll remain!

carole a.k.a. a puzzled pigpen


My toes on my right are just like that. I am told it is spasticity !

Moyna xxx

we could join a circus moyna!

i wouldn’t say i ever had pretty feet but i did always make an effort to paint my toe nails.

now the toe nails on my right foot are shaped like spoons.

carole x

I get that too on my right foot. I was told it was spasticity too.

I’ll join with your Carole. we could be a double act.


I’m the same, well sort of! Mine overlap each other and can be quite uncomfortable, especially when the nail on one toe digs into the underneath of the one next to it. I was given toe separators which make things much comfier. They were made by the podiatrist, and yes, I was told it was spasticity too.

Sarah x

Toes are a nightmare!!! I have fairly long toes except baby one, and they’ve always tended to hook/claw, and this has definitely worsened over last few years. Always thought it was because feet are useless and don’t do much, but I suppose it cous be spasticity. Now whole foot sort of twisting as don’t walk properly. Yuk yuk yuk…

shazzie, slug and dogtanion, come and join the circus with me and moyna!

should be a popular act and we could try for britain’s got talent!

sure simon would love our toes!

carole x

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should get that looked at, spoon shaped nails can be evidence of underlying health problems

my toes are odd looking, but thats because I have broken about 90% of them lol

Yep, I am in circus too. I want to be the clown please!

Moyna xxx

Mine do exactly the same (left - flat; right - curl) and I have just noticed that the nail on the right big toe is growing twice as fast as the left…


Mine make a claw on my right foot… My physio tells me it is because they are trying to grip the ground when my balance goes off, it is really uncomfortable sometimes!

roll up, roll up, come and see the freak show!!

it has started to finally hit me that i’m getting steadily worse.

well hey, that’s life!

carole x

I wear toe alignment socks and that helps with the positioning of them and makes life far more comfortable

tingly badger

those socks - do you have to put each toe into a separate part? like gloves?

that would take me all day!

carole x

Freak show here we come…because wear leg brace on right foot, and curly hooky toes, the tips of my toes were sort of hitting floor first and it was excruciating. So they made a sort of moulded toe separator thing to sort of support and stop rubbing. This does work, but I have also caused a huge blister on my little toe, that went black etc. but can’t afford not to wear leg brace, so was wrapping in tissue paper every day and have also tried blister pads. All repaired now but only with daily attention, and some discomfort/pain.

If it’s not one thing it’s another, just hate my feet now. used to be able to pick things up with toes and such and did quite like my feet but not anymore

so happy toe-tastic day to one and all x


Yes me too. Mine is on my left which is the side I have my issues. My toe next to my big toe is moving away from it and going UPWARDS, i can see it doing it sometimes, and it also lifts my foot up off the floor and makes it so hard to walk somedays. I showed my doctor as it doesnt pain me per se, but it feels weird and also i have a load of nerve pain in that foot. She laughed and said well never seen that before, but its part of your illness.

Then the other day i was sat on my recliner with my socks off, and i looked down as my RIGHT leg in the hip was aching, and there was my BIG toe laying over the toe next to it lol…and i could just feel crampy pain. I showed my husband and he laughed, “I bet you couldnt do that again lol”. It was actually difficult for me to get my big toe back where it should have been.

I tried to do the same thing the next day, no way would it happen.

I have photos of my left toe up in the air lol. Gosh I am so glad I read these posts I feel better now, as wasnt sure what was going on.


that’s the beauty of this site, it’s full of other msers who understand all our quirks!

that big toe of yours sounds painful!

i was just thinking the other day about how i once took my feet for granted - sorry feet.

also my nerves were taken for granted too, my bladder and the rest of my body.

now then body, if you will only to back to being healthy, i promise that i will thank you every day.

carole x

Yeah. I never wear any other socks now. The time it takes is more than made up for by them not crossing over, bending about, curling up… They massively improve my walking as a result