Hello from a sunny cold Crowborough.

This time of year our thoughts may well turn to online shopping and the careful selection of delivery addresses to help guard our little secrets. As a firm adherent to the “but it’s only November” school of thought, I can happily reveal that I’ve now succumbed to the great festive fist the media is waving about under our noses.

I have many memories of trawling around over-crowded shopping centres trying to ignore the mild panic swimming around me. How things have changed. yet how things have not changed. I have written some thoughts if you wish to read them. It’s not MS based but it’s based on the views of an MS sufferer.

Best wishes, Steve.

Great blog as usual Steve. Before ms became a problem I spent many a Christmas in the kitchen red faced and sloshed. In fact everyone agreed my Christmas dinner tasted better the more drunk I was.

Nowadays we accept invitations from various children and just let them get on with it but I do miss the days of slaving over a hot stove and even hotter kitchen.

Mags xx

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Nice Munch ‘Scream’ Steve, that almost exactly matches my feelings about the entire festival.

A good read as always.


Wonderful Steve. I’m here smiling widely at almost 3.30am when I really should be going to bed.

great blog steve

you’d better keep them coming throughout the new year or we’ll be writing to santa.

carole x