Day Ward

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Last week my neuro has ordered some more tests for me, spinal MRI, VEP and LP. He told me they’d be in about a month.

Today I got a letter from Walton Neuro Hospital with an appointment for the day ward (for the 18th Oct), but it doesn’t say what I am going on the day ward for!!

Has anyone been in Walton on the day ward (Jefferson Ward) ? Don’t really want to phone up and ask what is it for!


Do not know this hospital I am in Scotland and here we do go to a day ward for an LP and can get all tests in one day. I found the LP painless and was realeased 2 hours after it.
Good Luck

Another reason I need to know is, do I take the car and drive myself there?? If I am gong to have the LP then I can’t drive myself home can I?

Maybe I am going to have to phone to find out!! :?


Hi Jules,

Haven’t been to that particular hospital, but the only procedure there that sounds like an obvious candidate for the day ward is the lumbar puncture.

So I’m pretty sure it must be that. The MRI and VEPs aren’t likely to be on the ward, because the MRI needs…well, an MRI machine :slight_smile: , and VEPs need a darkened room with specialist equipment, so they’re not going to be on the ward, either.

Why not just ring them and check? It’s stupid, anyway, to summon you to the hospital, without saying what for. You have a right to know!

I suppose, if you’re lucky, you might get the other stuff done the same day, but it doesn’t sound like it. I think, if the MRI was included, for example, you’d have been sent a separate appointment for Radiography, or Medical Imaging, or whatever they’re calling it this month.


Thanks Jan (must have posted the above messages at the same time!! :slight_smile: )

I am hoping they will do all tests in one day.

I am presuming you can’t drive home after an LP??


Thats makes sense - Thanks Tina!!

Don’t why I went in to a panic when reading the letter. I don’t think I would of done if they’d just explained a bit more… or at all!!!

Thank you!!


I would have thought that if it wasn’t good to drive home after they’d say so in the letter?
Have had such in letters from hospitals in the past

hi i went for a day in hospital for all the checks to be done one after the other got lp in the morning , mri and evoked potential in the afternoon .
it was in glasgow , they gave me a relax chair and a blanket to rest .
take some thing to keep yourself busy between your test.
things can become pretty boring :expressionless:

do not drive your car as its not normally a good plan and you could get a bad headache.
my lp was not bad at all and i didnt get any bad headaches .
good luck with your tests and try not to worry too much

take care tina x.