Today at the Neuro

I had my first Neuro appt today and I will reiterate my previous post, he was lovely.

Its been a very long wait to see him (25 weeks to be precise) and then even longer as I was supposed to see him 1st thing Friday morning, but when I got to the hospital, I was told that he was having issues with his car and his morning clinic was cancelled. Thank god I didn’t have to wait too long for the next appt which, fair play, they rearranged very quickly - apparently, I was about to go breach of their strict waiting list times.

I took the wonderful advice on here and went in armed with my symptoms - 5 current and troublesome and another 5 that are mostly resolved to give him if there was time. As it was, I got 9 in before the end of the appt. lol

I was in there for 30 mins, but although he was going through the symptoms very very quickly, I didn’t feel overly rushed or felt like I had to leave stuff out.

The long and short of it is that he said there are issues with my optical nerve that he wants electrical testing on and he said I have trigeminal neuralgia which he wants further investigation on - I have to have a special MRI for it. I am going to be admitted into Walton as a day case and have all the tests in one day. The only thing bothering me about this is that he said it will be done within the next couple of weeks. So I am a bit “eek - why the urgency???” after all, it took 6 months to be seen in the 1st place…

The other stuff like the pins and needles in my face and the face spasms and the buzzing and all the little things like that, he said the central nervous system can play games sometimes and we may never know why it is happening. Am happy with that. Well, when I say happy, I am a little bit upset by it all to be honest. I fully expected him to tell me that it was all in my head and to go away and stop bothering him, but now I am being admitted into hospital for tests??? Bugger.

Oh well, to paraphrase Arwen, Onwards and Upwards.

Keep well my lovelies.
Angela xx

Well he does sound thorough and nice to know its getting sorted but think I’d rude word about day case in a few weeks. Logically its probably just to do it all in one go do you think and maybe that’s the normal wait time? I don’t know its awful not knowing and being told your anxious then they say 'well actually. …" and its a wtf!. Huge hugs. Axx

I am sure you are probably right, it is just that this is the normal time that these things take. But then I think of the 9 week wait for my last MRI…lol

Will keep sane until then.xx

Was it really 9weeks? Was that at Walton or somewhere else? My neuro said he’d see me back in clinic in a couple of months with results of mri and bloods! Maybe not

The last MRI was at Wrexham when I had suspected optic neuritis. It seems like Walton are a bit more on the ball. I hope anyway. Lol

Fingers crossed then xx

Really glad the appointment went well and you are at last on the way to getting some answers.

I am sure the day in hospital is just a way of getting all the tests done in one hit…I think it’s a great idea, but can totally understand why it is freaking you out a little. I really hope you get some answers soon.

Good luck xx

Glad the appt went well. One step closer to an answer

Sharon x

Hi Angela, he probably wants the mri done quickly as if you’re suffering with trigeminal neuralgia ( don’t know if you are on meds for it ) that’s very unpleasant and he doesn’t want you to wait and suffer longer than you have to. Also maybe that special mri doesn’t take so long to do and therefore he can slot you in more quickly. I think it’s really useful to have all tests in one day as it means less to-ing and fro-ing for you and he’ll get all the results at once. He sounds really good, only wish my neuro was half that good!!

Yes, Purpledot and Fudgey, I do actually believe that it is just to make things convenient and get it over and one with in 1 day. I can see this better having had a really good night sleep (and a very large glass of wine) last night. I have got over the whole eek bit now and am just looking forward to not having to wait. Fudgey, the neuro prescribed carbamezapine (please forgive spelling) so yay, will finally be on some meds to help.

Sharon, yup, one step closer - lets hope its a big one. :wink:

Will keep you all informed/moan about it as and when. Take care. xxxx