David Rathband, very sad news, anyone else hear him on 'In touch'? (Not MS)

Hi everyone hope you are doing ok. I heard this morning of the very sad news of David Rathband’s death. If you remember he was the policemen who was shot by Roul Moat.

Although I haven’t had too many problems with vision myself, I often find myself listening to the ‘in touch’ programme for the blind and partially sighted on radio 4 in the evenings. It tends to coincide with the time I have to retire to bed. Anyway it is extremely interesting at times. I have learnt quite a bit about the lives of people without sight, I tend to be more interested in other disablements since my dx. I know that sounds shallow but there it is.

Peter White interviewed David Rathband and I found it a rather distressing interview, as clearly David did not feel that he was given enough help after loosing his sight and being a very physical person he was finding the adjustments to a life of disability very hard to come to terms with.

A very sad day and my thoughts are with his family.



I didn’t hear the interview, but I agree it’s extremely sad, particularly as those who knew him appear to think he was doing very well, and he had such a lot still to offer, with his charity work.

But he himself didn’t think he was doing well.

Divorce must have been hard, coming on top of losing his sight, but I don’t think anyone’s to blame (except Raoul Moat), because sometimes all the love in the world isn’t enough to comfort someone who doesn’t have the desire or the ability to be comforted. I would imagine a very fit and physical person losing their sight takes it worse than a couch potato like me (not that I’m suggesting I would take it at all well).


Hi Wendy

I didn’t hear the interview, but my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very sad time.


Hi Wendy.

Yes it is a sad day,all for being a policeman.

It brings to mind a post we had earlier,on what you would do if you lost your sight.

For some of us we have our answer.

Take Care All.


Sorry folks - just a correction to the above.

I realised, on reading the reports, he wasn’t divorced, just “living apart from his family” - supposedly to assist with rehabilitation.

So divorce wasn’t a factor in this, but I guess living alone still might have been.


I think you are correct there Tina