I’m maybe being considered for a drug called Dantrolene for the spasticity in my leg. I am told this is an ‘older drug’. I don’t know much about it. I’m not able to take Baclofen for the stiffness, as it makes my mood very low and Tizanidine makes me want to sleep all the time! So the Dr is looking into Dantrolene. Anybody got any experience of it?



I take dantrolene for spasticitye,tried bacofen didnt think it was working,so doc put me on dantrolene,i find no adverse effects at all,i take 5x25mg,doc prescriped 4 but i take 2 at bed time to help with the spasams

i only know 1 person whos been on this and it did nothing for him. hope you have more luck.