Baclofan vs Zanaflex

So, my spasticity seems to be increasing and moving up my body. This makes for a stiff neck and jaw clenching during sleep.

Im currently taking 30mg of Baclofan daily along with Gabapentin for neuropathic nerve pain. Plus, the daily exercising with some stretching thrown in. I’m so tired of always being so stiff. I met with my Primary care doctors today and he suggested switching to Zanaflex and seeing if I respond better to that particular muscle relaxer. Has anyone had more success with this particular medication versus Baclofan? I asked about side affects, and he thought they would be about the same for either medication. Thanks!

Hi there,

I have SPMS … I take Baclofen for leg stiffness, with Amilitripline for neuropathic nerve pain. Occasionally I get stiffness in my neck. My mode of transport is electric scooter. I’m so p***** off with having spasticated legs. But just have to accept these changes. Out of my control!

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do you take baclofen for spasticity? i took them once and they relaxed my muscles so much i could hardly stand. now the spasticity is driivng me mad.

Try taking Baclofen at night Carole. (Ie on a night when your legs would normally be able to stand up.) if the spasms in your legs are stopping you from sleeping, for eg, it won’t matter that it makes your muscles a bit weaker.


I didn’t get on with Baclofen and switched to Dantrium 100 mg.

Sometimes it’s too effective and I switch to a 25 mg dose instead.


Under the guidance of my neurologist & ms nurse I started on the Baclofen path. Minimal dose initially, then increased as my ms progressed. Yes side affects can be lousy mind. Headaches dizziness, fatigue etc…Too much of it can result in jellified legs!

I seem to have found my happy medium at present??? Good advice given by previous members.

What seems to work for some, dosen’t for others.

Take Care.

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