Dancing toes

I probably mentioned before that I have some problems with my left arm. In the past weeks I’ve started getting problems in my right leg and foot. Last night I must have flexed my right foot in bed and my toes started dancing all on their own. I know this is very little compared to what many have to face on this forum, but this is the first time that I have had such an obvious spasm that is making parts of me visibly move involuntarily. I think my question is in terms of progression. Has anyone had this type of thing, but have never particularly become any worse in terms of effecting mobility ?

I’m just trying to set my mind at rest that this is nothing dramatic.



Hi Astro,

Don’t worry - this is, as you recognize, a relatively minor symptom, and NOT a reliable indication that you will very soon need a wheelchair!

I’ve had this on and off ever since the relapse that led to my diagnosis, over three years ago. I’m not using a stick yet.

Earlier this week, I had to have some X-rays (an accident - nothing to do with MS). They kept telling me to keep still, and I said: “I can’t, it’s doing it by itself - I have neurological problems”. My toes were going like yours. As it was my foot they were trying to X-ray, this was not very helpful.

MS is so unpredictable, that actually, there’s nothing that foretells how badly you’ll be affected, or how soon. No one symptom by itself should be read as a stark indicator of anything. Symptoms can come and go.



Thanks so much for your message, Tina. It was just what I needed. I’ve got used to tingling, numbness and aches and pains now. I guess this is just one more thing on the list.


My toes dance, or they used to. They mostly feel tense/crossed now though. x