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Locked Out of Cyber Space

I am very relieved to say that I am back… after being locked out of my Cyber Space world. I have been away from a couple of days, not on holiday again but away from communication… I have been locked out of my Cyber Space world because I lost my connection from my computer, read more:

Glad to hear you are back with us AL, its surprising how much we all rely (sometimes too much) on our cyber world, and when it doesn’t work, we are at a complete loss.

Your sister sounds really expert on this cyber world technology, unfortunately I don’t have a clue, in fact my grandchildren are much better at it than me. When I mention this to them, they are very tactful and say they do it at school, but I find it so difficult to remember what they tell me…olld age I reckon!

Really good blog, as always, thanks.

Pam x

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Great blog as always Deborah…so glad you are back in your cyber world.

I thought the paragraph on other people illness and troubles was especially interesting.

Take Care,

Nina x

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Great blog again Deborah.

It’s so true… on many levels. One that I go into total panic if I can’t access the internet. It is my connection to the world. I recently went up to fibre optic & I thought I could set it up whenever I wanted. But on the day it ‘went live’ my internet connection stopped… so I had to set up fibre optic immediately. I was in a right old panic but luckily it was easy and worked right away.

Secondly, I also find friends and family members apologising when they complain about a health problem. But I also feel guilty as sometimes I do wonder why they’re complaining. Rock and hard place situation!

Tweeted your blog,

Pat xx

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