This is a unrelated but today I have had a gypsy/ traveller call into the shop where I work. She used to call once a year but last year it became every 3 to4 weeks. She always starts with you will be lucky , you will travel, june is a lucky month etc and to buy a lucky charm for £10. She always tells me I will never suffer with my health and I feel like wow she got that wrong. I don’t know what I feel about curses but I am tired of this woman. Last year I had yogi demanding £20 and a deaf girl produce a card saying she was deaf and to donate as much as I could. Any tips on how to get rid of these people without feeling guilty. I donate to charities, I’m not against that but I feel it should be my choice to when and what I donate to. The gypsy tries to sell the glass pebbles that you can buy in bags for flower arranging and other bits of shells etc. These I found out she buys from the charity shop and always tries to beat them down on price. I sent her away today but she stood there for about 15mins while I just kept saying no thanks, not today. She eventually stormed out. Leaving me feeling guilty. Heavens knows I don’t need any more bad luck but I feel I should take a stand.

Don't feel guilty - not even for a second. Guilt-tripping or blackmailing someone into buying something is a disgusting tactic - it is the sort of thing used by complete frauds. Honest people do not do this sort of thing!

The only power of a curse comes from the mind of the person "cursed" - if we believe something, we will see, interpret and do things that are consistent with it. So to get away from this, you need to choose to disbelieve and move on.

Be strong. You have enough problems without supporting these frauds. Say no and keep saying it. And don't apologise! Make it clear that you no longer buy things so there is no point in them coming back again. Ask them to leave. Stick a sign in the window saying that you do not buy from passing traders. Be firm! If they believe you, they'll stop coming.

Karen x


I wouldn't normally say this but if they won't take no for an answer just shut the door on them. They will get the message.

As Karen has said it is disgusting, it's another form of blackmail and you don't have to put up with it.

Janet x

I’m hoping if I keep saying no to them, they’ll get the message and leave me alone. Thanks for the replies . I think I need to be firmer and assertive,