Cranberry juice - it works

Hi everyone,

just thought I’d relay something good. I have been having problems with my bladder for the past few months, continually having accidents and having tests as my water has an odour (to put it politely). I am told by the GP surgery that there is no infection when I get it checked out. My sister inlaw gave me a carton of cranberry juice the other day and I have to say that it has helped me considerably. It seems to have calmed the bladder down and the odour is not so bad either. I always meant to try it but never got around to it and to be honest didn’'t really belive it would help me but I was wrong. It hasn’t cured the problems but has made them a lot easier to deal with.


Hi I was told by my Urologist not to drink cranberry juice for my bladder because it is full of suger, BUT he did tell me to take a high strength cranberry tablet everyday, which I do and it does work its brilliant. If I miss any it really shows in the next few days.

If you can buy the tablets Wendy and take them everyday they will transform your life. x

Yes I should have mentioned that, my daughter tells me that the cranberry juice with added sugar is not good. The juice I am taking has no added sugar.


Hi, I tried it and it gave me belly ache. My wee often has a strong odour. I get it checked for UTI, but it is clear!

luv Pollx

I know what you mean Poll, it’s very annoying. It has definitely been better since drinking the cranberry juice. I intend to buy some capsules as suggested; as some cranberry juice does have a lot of sugar.

luv Wendyxx


I was getting repeated urine infections and started taking cranberry highstrength tablets as I did not like the taste of the juice and they seem to be keeping the infections away.

Sue x

If your urine still has a strong odour I’d mention it to your GP. I know that urine can smell if you have uncontrolled diabetes. I have diabetes and have been warned to look out for a ‘ketone’ odour - I’m not sure what that smells like! I worked in a lab with lots of organic solvents for many years, but I still don’t know if I’d recognise it if I smelt it!

It’s a simple blood test to check whether you have diabetes so it’s worth checking. Diabetes is a pain, and I’ve been ignoring mine for the last few years at the same time as not facing my MS. But not treating diabetes is worse! Who needs neuropathic pain on top of neuropathic pain? Neuropathic pain can be caused by both MS and Diabetes. Ain’t life fun? NO!

Thanks for that information, lots of my friends with MS have diabetes too. I was going to have the test done a few weeks back when they were testing people in town but couldn’t get there. Yes my urine still smells, especially first thing in the morning and if I haven’t drunk loads of water. So will see my doctor about this and will also ask her if it’s ok to take cranberry juice.


Sainsbury’s own brand cranberry juice with raspberry or with blueberry has no added sugar/sweeteners. The extra berry juice gives it a natural mild sweet taste and also takes the bitterness out of it!