Cramps and spasms

Hi I’m suffering really badly from leg cramps and muscle spasm throughout the rest of my body. It stops me from sleeping because it wakes me up when i turn over or move my legs, and is so painful. I know that Baclofen is taken by lots of MS’ers but is there any thing else, and how do those of you who take it get on? I have RRMS and take Rebif and Amytriptaline. Any advice because I don’t want to put up with this any longer!!! Jess

Hi Jess I have Progressive MS, Baclofen works for 90% of my cramps and spasms and also the pain! Don’t despair the only other thing I can think of are stretches AND these even in the middle of the night!! Some of the stretches look pretty strange, I raise (one leg at a time of course) and lift my leg to the raised position and as straight as you can manage. I’m smiling even trying to explain this damn thing. It does work, I’m hoping this helps. Take care, M :slight_smile:

Morning Jess, Yes, there are alternatives to Baclofen, if you don’t get on with it, but I recommend to at least try it first, as you may find it suits you fine. No medicine is perfect for everyone, and there will always be a proportion of people who have problems. I was quite fearful of taking Baclofen for the first time, only to find I (luckily) had none of the side-effects others have reported. I can tell it’s working, because if I ever forget to take them, my legs play merry hell. But as long as I don’t forget, I don’t even notice I’m on them, really. One of the advantages of Baclofen is that, unlike some of the alternatives, there’s a very low tendency to develop tolerance. So you can take them for a long time (years, in some cases) without having to keep increasing the dose. True, you might need to increase the dose if spasticity worsens. But it’s usually because of that, and not because you are becoming immune to the drug. As MS is a lifelong condition, it’s a big advantage if something can be taken at a stable dose for long periods, without losing the effect. Tina

I find 375mg of magnesium and plenty of stretching does the trick.

I take Tizanadine at night about 1 hour before I go to bed. I find it helps relax me enough to get to sleep without the usual jerking and spasms. I chose it over Baclofen based on the information on the MSS site which said that its effects were quite short lasting (and discussing it with MS nurse as well). I was worried about being “over-relaxed” and not getting over it the next day when I have to get up for work. John

Thanks for your replys, i’ve managed to get an appt with my GP this evening, he’s normally pretty good and realising that we understand our own MS better then the dr’s do. I already take magnesium and I do Yoga and it’s just getting worse so I think i need a bit of help. :slight_smile:

Visited my GP this evening and he has started me off on Baclofen at 5mg 3x a day and if it hasn’t improved in a week then to see him to up the dose. Typically my surgery doesn’t keep it in stock so off to Boots tomorrow morning. Here’s to hoping I get some pain free sleep tonight.

Dear all,

just want to ask people about muscle spasms. I do not have an M S diagnosis, do have CFS diagnosis, but relapsed again 4 years ago and my walking is a real problem now so just about to get an electric wheelchair.

Anyway…I started college, want to try and do degree, but it has made my legs far worse. I have a friend who has MS and apparantly if you use your brain more to do something it can affect other parts of your body although that feels weird.

Anyway I am heat intolerant. I didnt realise this till I started mixing. I struggle because if I don’t keep my limbs covered and warm they can spasm but if I get over hot my head gets worse, all symptoms do, and we are only talking 19 degrees centigrade! It came to a head when I felt weird in class and without warning my whole body spasmed…back sort of arched and I came out of chair landing under desk. Was horrible and I hurt my back.

What I wanted to ask was. Other than getting the college to put in air conditioning to keep the temp constant … does anyone know any way to keep cool enough so you don’t spasm like this without getting too cold which also causes me spasms? I have been suggested to use cold bags etc but the thing is that can hurt a lot cos of the pain already present etc…aghhhh

any advice or thoughts would be gratefully received.