Has anyone discovered a fast-acting emergency relief from cramp?

I’m quite down tonight, after having one of my occasional agonising and very frightening episodes, in which I cramp literally from toe to groin, for a period of around 15 minutes.

I do know it’s only cramp, and nobody ever died of it, but these cramps are so severe that they can cause actual injury, and leave me limping for several days. When they happen, they’re so painful, I’m drenched from head to foot in cold sweat, and sometimes have to change complete clothing or the bed linen. Afterwards, I’m left shaky and exhausted, and very fearful of it happening again, although this fear usually proves groundless, as it can be many weeks before there’s any recurrence.

I’m already on Baclofen, which I’m sure makes them rarer than they’d otherwise be, but on those rare occasions they do still happen, I’m beside myself with pain, and just don’t know what to do. I find I can’t sit, stand, or lie down, as there’s no position that makes it bearable. I didn’t have any tonic water, bananas, or magnesium in the house this time - all of which I’ve tried before, but not with a great deal of success anyway.

If it’s been a while since I took any Baclofen, I take some immediately - sometimes also Diazepam. But as these take at least 15 minutes to work, I almost feel it’s a wasted dose, as they’re not fast enough to help before it eases of it’s own accord.

I’ve never worked out what triggers them, although today, I did spend an unwise amount of time (more than 35 minutes) standing in the cold at a bus stop, before giving up and coming home. Although the BIG cramp was several hours later, I feel this episode may have contributed, as I was beginning to show signs of fatigue and distress when I got home, which never quite eased off.


apart from diazepam i dont know what else you can take, i get these awul spasms,mostly in my torso and i have bowel spasms that make me nearly pass out they are that bad, i find taking magnesium has lessened my spasms.still get them but not as bad,or as often.

jaki xx

Hi Jaki,

I’m sorry you get similar. I can understand what you say about thinking you might pass out. I’ve never experienced childbirth, but I think this is the worst pain I’ve ever had, even though I know it’s “only” cramp. When it happens, I can barely even think, because the pain blots out rational thought. I do know that I somehow need to hobble to where I keep the tablets, and take something, but really, anything I take by that point is already too late. Otherwise, I just have to try to keep focusing on only having to stay strong for 15 minutes, because so far, they’ve never lasted longer. I was beginning to panic today, because 14 minutes, no improvement. I was beginning to think: “What if it doesn’t go this time? Shall I call an ambulance?” But then, 15 minutes, on the dot, eased as quickly as it started.



Hi Tina,

i have given birth with no pain relief after 19 hours ,and would much rather give birth like that, then have the bowel spasms i get,i try to do my deep breathing through my pain,it helps a little,its so scary,wish i could give you a better solution,because i know just how bad the pain can be.

jaki xx

Hi Tina, How awful for you…my daughter has had cramps in her legs since she was about 5yrs and since November she has had the most awful, painful spasms in her foot where you can actually see something stick out the side of her foot. She screams until its over, (she’s only 12) and thankfully it only lasts 3/4 mins. I make her eat bananas daily etc and it seems less frequent now. It seems prevention is the only way with spasms because they happen SO quickly. I hope you find some way to ease it and get some relief

Oh Tina, you poor lass…no wonder it frightens you and you wonder if it will go each tme it happens.

I know cramp in folk who dont have our or my condition, is what we call spasms. I believe they are equally as painful.

I get bad foot spams when in bed, often whilst I am trying to change position from on my back to my side. a movement that cant be done quickly, as I need to move my legs and feet, using my hands. I quite often see my big toe trying to leave the others behind. it kills as the separation happens. Luckily for me, it goes once I am in a new position. All the same it kills and i dread it happening.

I dunno what to suggest to stop your`s happening. Why not ring your MS nurse for advice?

luv Pollx