pain relief from muscle spasms

Have been suffering muscle spasms since the outset. Not frequent, but after exercise often my toes stand to attention at 90 degrees, or when very tired, I have a golf ball sized extrusion in my right calf. Earlier in the year, when under extreme stress the Hug hit me, or Cassius Clay and a steamroller all at the same time. However in the last few weeks perhaps 10 or so times each day my toes have gone into total spasm,up, down, the big under all the smaller ones. Called my MS nurse, she was on holiday. G.P. increased my 1 Baclofen to 4 a day plus 2 diazapan a day. This frightens me a bit as not sure if Doc knows any more than me or the postman as to what the right thing is to do.

Has anybody got any positive suggestions please ?

Thanks, Mary

When I was having severe spasms my GP prescribed me Baclofen when after a couple of days the Baclofen hadn’t started working he gave me Diazipam which helped immediately. He told me at the time that he was not happy to give me Diazipam as they are addictive, I didn’t care as long as the spasms were controled. I weaned myself off the diazepam after about 6 months and reduced the Baclofen to 10mg twice a day which I still take.

The way I understand it the baclofen is to reduce spasm not to control the pain. Is there another Nurse you could speak to?


i seem to remember my GP rang my MS Nurse at the time for advice on what to prescribe me.

I to suffer from spasm and I’m trying to get Sativex at the moment. I take 100mg of Baclofen daily but have been on it for 8 years now and it is no longer working well for me but has up until the last couple of years so if I was you I would persevere with that.


Thanks one and all. Seems to be kicking in. Perhaps change from very hot to coldish for me has had an effect. Lisa is back from her hols, so have asked her to call me when she has 5 minutes. Often the G.P. knows less about our symtoms and dealing with them than we do !!!

Take care lovelies - Mary