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Can anyone advise me what to do? I have RRMS and am a primary school teacher working from home at the. Money but returning to school 8th March. I am in vaccine priority group 6 yet cannot book a vaccine but my husband is 64 and in group 7 and he can. My group has been skipped entirely. I have tried contacting my surgery but they won’t field any vaccine enquiries and have also phoned 119 who say it is down to my GP surgery and they can only put the same details in the computer system as me (it says I am not eligible.

A colleague of my husband has a son with diabetes ie in same group as MS and he can’t book one either (with a different surgery so not just mine).

I’m feeling angry, frustrated and anxious but don’t seem to be able to turn anywhere for help. I don’t understand why group 7 are being vaccinated before 6.

I’m in group 5 and I was vaccinated today. You might find that you’ve been dropped a group. I was in group 4 but they couldn’t have been meeting the targets because suddenly I was dropped to group 5.
Even so group 6 isn’t overdue yet, they’re still on group 5

Hi, I am the same as you (RRMS) and in group 6 and was starting to feel that I had been overlooked. I had my regular three month blood test the other day and enquired to the GP surgery when I would get my vaccine and was told I simply had to wait, even though others around me (in a similar boat) had received their jabs around 2 weeks ago. I know people who have had the jab who are in their 40’s with no underlying health conditions, how does that work?

I was thinking that I was going to have to wait until the end of June for the jab and then out of the blue yesterday, I received a text on my phone at around 5 pm from my GP surgery asking me to book an appointment for the vaccine. (I am having it done next week). Feels like I have won the lottery!

Good luck though and hope you hear something soon.

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you have to contact your surgery most of them are reachable through the internet. I was put on the very vulnerable list and housebound and they came and did mine a month ago at home. I am 69. It is down to your surgery. some friends have been called in by their surgery as they had a vaccine left over.

we are not technically classed as vulnerable unless we are on auto immune suppressed drugs. If your not then you have to wait. as to your partner is he with the same surgery? if he is having his in surgery give him a letter to drop off, OR send a letter by hand to surgery.

diabetes they are not vulnerable either. my SIL has diabetes and had to wait for hers until she was called.

no group is skipped its down to your surgery to do them in the order and also to make sure they do it safely and fairly.

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Thank you everybody for your replies and support. Yes, my husband is same GP! My MS nurse has written a letter to my GP to try to help the situation so fingers crossed!

I’m spms and was told I’m group 6 but my gp booked my first vaccine about 20 days ago. My niece a teacher in her 30s with very mild asthma had hers on 20th.

I think there’s a significant post code lottery going on my 62 year old sister who lives in another county hasn’t been called yet but her friend in London who is the same age has.

it’s shocking.

Hi there. I started taking Tecfidera four weeks ago. In the information booklet it says vaccinations may be less effective than normal. I haven’t heard about my Covid vaccination yet but am concerned that it will not work when eventually I do have it.

The priority list doesn’t make much sense. Some people in lower priority groups are getting theirs before people in higher priority groups. I have checked that omni calculator and it says I am due to have mine next month. I live in Wales and they seem to be getting through the vaccinations quite fast so hopefully I will get mine soon.

My son who has diabetes type 1 had his vax a couple of months ago.

My husband who is 66 yrs old had his 4 weeks ago.

I had mine today. I’m 62 and RRMS.

It’s a relief to know that we are safe.

I’m very grateful to our wonderful scientists who have really pushed the boat out in getting the vaccine produced and rolled out in record time. Well done!!

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Yes I think every area and GP surgery are slightly out of sinc. I had mine on 18th February, my husband had his the week before (he is clinically extremely vulnerable). He had his booked in at a local hospital and mine was at surgery.

I think his was arranged through Royal Brompton hospital and mine just general GP.

Also I think it’s because a lot of communities aren’t taking it up, so it depends on what areas have more to spare. London is one of those I think.So then I think it looks like other groups are offered it sooner.

Im so happy I’ve had my first jab, they do seem to be rolling it out fast now, so not long guys I’m sure it won’t be far away.

Best wishes Kimx

Group 6 as is my girlfriend. I received my text at the start of the week, girlfriend had hers 10 days ago. Frustrating I know but they are doing them as and when it is your turn. I am 53, girlfriend 39. Both have RRMS. I am sure upu will be contacted in the next week or so.

Stay positive.

Well i am not sure why but it is end of may - 25th exactly and i know that i am only 27 years old but shouldn’t i be also invited for vaccination? I was diagnosed recently thia year but just started tecfidera… So not sure why they have forgotten about me? I tried to call my clinic today but i would have to book appointment with GP. Should i still wait? Thanks for help.

Hi Kubikbikku. I have found you really have to make a nuisance of yourself with your surgery, email, phone, whatever it takes as you should have had vaccine by now. Have you been allocated an m s nurse? Mine sent a strongly worded email to my surgery and I got a phone call inviting me for my vaccine the next day. Failing that, speak to a gp at your surgery. Good luck!

I’ve ignored all texts asking me to go for the death jab. Have you not enough shit to deal with, without adding an experimental injection to deal with ?

Had both of my AZ jabs and I’m not dead yet. Good chance I would be had I contracted Covid without them. Now if I contract it the symptoms should be greatly reduced and place less stress on the NHS.

YAY! Go me, laughing in the face of death jabs.


Good for you. The yellow card scheme shows 1200 healthy people weren’t so lucky… (And they reckon that’s just 10% of the people that have reported issues…) We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m believing my eyes, and the people talking that don’t have financial incentives to push the killer jab.

What’s your opinion on the Roswell incident Carraboy…


In what way ?

Well that was another conspiracy…
Personally, i think little green men released the virus, Bigfoot provided logistical support and Lord Lucan the financial muscle.
Ok, I’m away now to feed my unicorn.
Retro. :+1:


the point is actually every vaccine has its issues no matter what for. the covid vaccine for example AZ is closely taken from the virus that causes corona viruses. corona virus are reknown to give blood clots etc. so even if one didnt get the vaccine and got covid that person may have got sick.

1200 wernt lucky but neither were 3.54 MILLION who have died with COVID 19(SARS2).

blood clots people die of them every year before SARS.

startling figures actually.

1 in 4 people worldwide are dying from conditions caused by thrombosis. And, it’s a startling fact that up to 900,000 people in the United States alone are affected by blood clots each year; about 100,000 of those people will die, which is greater than the total number of people who lose their lives each year to AIDS, breast cancer, and motor vehicle crashes combined.

the point is most of the deaths from thrombo cannot be proven to belong to the vaccine deaths. Perhaps the people who had the vaccine were already in the phase of thrombo.

I note you PUSH your theories of fear but do not back up any of it with actually facts.

If you dont want the vaccine thats fine by me. BUT its weird that the majority of people going into hospital now and dying or being put on ventilators are mainly those UNVACCINATED.

So the choice is yours. I made an informed decision about having mine based on facts not tittle tattle off forums and media. Yes i read there could be risks but the risk from having COVID 19 far outweighed any minor thought I may have had about having it.

It would appear that vaccinated people are now less likely to die of the affects of SARS and the overall figures for going into hospital has gone down. although this could also be down to after affects of lockdown, so i think its still important even if we are vaccinated to be aware that new variants like the number 10 bus will be along anytime soon.

I still wear my mask when i am in communial areas.

Over cautious maybe but having done the course on SARS and covid 19 (SARS2) I dont think so.

Its dangerous.

Proffessor Peter Pirot who was one of the professors who ran the course and was instrumental in hunting down AIDS and EBOLA explains the virus in feb 2020.

In october 2020 Professor Peter Pirot is fighting his own battle with covid as he is infected. He is hit by the silent hypoxia where you have no idea your oxygen level is going down dangerously low, which is one reason why so many die of this disease.

Personally i would rather a risk then have that. You say YOUR BELIEVING YOUR EYES…why what do you see? and the people talking that dont have financial incentives to push the KILLER jab. …

How novel of you. KILLER JAB,

Killer jab…ACTUALLY ITS A KILLER VIRUS which killed so far 3.54 MILLION PEOPLE . TELL the people who died of covid would you rather have died of this disease or have a tiny risk of dying after having a vaccine of it, being mindful that they would not have been subjected to ventilators, long term covid and PTSD.

I doubt you will even check up my links, as you want to live in your little bubble of conspiracy. but go ahead BUT if you get covid and up in hospital on a ventilator remember you only have yourself to blame.

there are non so blind that they cant see.