Hi all, had a call today and was offered the covid vaccine this friday of course i said yes Thanks, im 63 my wife is 56 and although not registered as my carer she is but she was not offered it at this stage, i’m a bit confused as i have not been out of the house since the start of this pandemic my wife obviously has to for shopping etc Any Thoughts?

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i had the jab on Monday , my husband is my carer and came with me . I asked about vaccine for him and was told to leave his details and if there was unused doses at the end of the day they would call him , which they did thankfully. We do live very near the surgery where the vaccines were being given . Always worth asking .

I understand your concerns and perhaps the powers that be will have a light bulb moment but I wouldn’t bet on it.

My husband is shielding both myself with my MS and also our son who is at serious risk due to having diabetes.

There must be many such super shielders and they ought to get vaccinated.

Good luck, I wish you both well.

this seems common practice - a local Residential Homehad some spare vaccines at the end of the day so the contacted relatives of some of the residents who came along for the jab.

It’s probably quite a complicated business returning vaccines - less trouble to use them up.

Thanks for the reply’s All the Best…

I had mine at home yesterday, there was a team of six going around all the housebound. The point is regardless of whether or not you have had the vaccine you still have to act as if you haven’t. It affords no protection until at least 3 weeks. So if anyone has care by a member of family they should lodge them as their OFFICIAL carer and that person should caring on protecting themselves against covid, i was told to continue.

Register as a carer with you GP surgery. If your family or wife was registered at the GP surgery she would have been vaccinated.

its easy enough to do to register your family as cares. Once they are on register they will go on the vac list. My daughter does me on mondays, she is on the care list and has had her vac on Monday.

No one can just be vaccinated even if it doesnt make sense to US, it has to be kept to the guidelines. Someone who is vulnerable may be able to go up the list. if there is a spare vac.

I am amazed i was given one as i dont feel i am on vulnerable list but the nurse told me i was marked down as extremely vulnerable after my hospital visit beginning to wonder what they found.

I also think its a post code lottery. Where i live they are doing 1,000 a day. catwomen i believe if you lived in my post code your family would have been done.

Get your husband registered as a carer.

there are thousands of people with diabetes, if they start to take 1 or 2 out of sync then others will complain. Your son should be soon on the list. in my area they have done ALL over 80 and care homes and are on over 70 and other vulnerable already. SUPER VACCINATORS LOL.

They are using OXFORD as it is easy to transport. Pfizer is being used in surgery and hospitals.

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