Covid Booster

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had the covid booster vaccine ?

Do you have to be over 50 to receive booster ?

Any help please ?

I’ve got mine booked for a week on Saturday. I believe you need to be over 50 or have underlying conditions but it think you would already have been contacted it you had an underlying condition. You also need to wait for 6 months after your second dose.

I had my booster jab on Saturday. I’m 64 I don’t know what ages they are doing at the moment.

My daughter, 21 and type 1 diabetic, had a text over the weekend inviting her to have her booster and is going tomorrow to have it.

I am 50 with PPMS and type 2 and have had my booster a week and a half ago.


Ive had mine because I work in pharmacy, and because of ms, im 46 - no problems

Hi. Had my booster last week. I’m 69 , so my age prioritised me.
Ring your GP surgery and ask.
Love boods

I just asked a similar question as I didn’t see this post. How did everyone do? Were the side effects similar to the experience of the initial vaccination?