Covid boosters

My husband is over 70 and has multiple health issues, as well as MS. The GP said that he should be eligible for a further booster (he’s already had 2 jabs and one booster which was 6 months ago). However the GP can’t deliver the booster as they do not currently have enough patients for a clinic. I decided to make an appointment at a vaccination centre. However the lady who checks the details had not even heard of MS, she kept saying that its really for people who have drugs that effect their immune system or chemo. He does not take DMDs, but has 20 other items on repeat prescriptions, he is not a well bunny. I do get that, but the GP has said that he would be eligible. Bottom line is that he is still without the second booster. I guess that we will just have to wait for our GP to come up with an appointment. Anyone had any similar experiences?

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Hi @Bonnie11, if your GP acknowledges that your husband can have the booster can he not provide a letter for him? I say that as when checking if my husband could get one, for conditions not on the qualifying list, it did say on the NHS website that he could get a letter from the GP which he could present after booking. We are in the same situation a village surgery who are not yet doing the booster. I hope your husband gets the booster soon.

Thanks for the reply. The GP surgery are not very helpful, in fact this all started with him asking for a letter from them. They said to get a letter from the neurologist, the neuro said that the letter comes from the GP. Just seem to be going around in circles. It does seem incredible that someone with his health issues cannot access a booster. Don’t want to queue jump, but surely it can’t be in anyone’s interest that he plays roulette with Covid?