Covid-19 Self Isolate - Government Guidelines

My wife decided four weeks ago to self isolate as per the guidance given by the government website. MS was listed as a vulnerable group, so we were sensible. Now four weeks later, and no letter from her GP. We have now been told by her consultant’s secretary that MS is not a condition seen as vulnerable, even though the website still states this. Odd considering my wife is also on DMT which reduces her immune system. Who else has found this confusing? As you can imagine we need that letter to claim for her lost wages.


Have you got the link where you saw this? While having MS does make us more at risk, we’re not automatically in the most vulnerable group. Being on DMT doesn’t necessarily mean we are either, it depends if it’s an immunosuppressant. I’m on Tecfidera, but that doesn’t suppress the immune system, so I don’t need to completely self isolate. The government advice for me is just be stringent with following the social distancing guidelines.


I never did think we were exception to the rule only if we were on immunosuppressant drugs. I am not sure where it came from that we were or would get the 12 week isolation letter. Maybe forum chat not sure.

Too get the letter we have to be at HIGHER RISK of catching the virus, we are not.

Unless as said on immunospressant drugs. I.e. Ocrevus.

or HSCT. (I think that is right).

Although it is classed as an auto immune disease it doesnt necessarily mean it makes us weaker for diseases.

So i dont think your wife is going to get the letter. Perhaps she should contact her MS nurse, or doctor and see if they can advise or help her with this?

I think the initial government guidance contradicts what they released later. I think that’s where the confusion is. I’ve received an isolation letter despite being told by my consultants team that I wouldn’t as on Tysabri and although immunosuppressant doesn’t affect white blood cell count just interrupts the blood brain from white blood cells. Funnily enough I received a letter this morning. Very confusing. Think they must have had a rethink.
personally if I could afford not to go out I would self isolate anyway as you don’t want any infection putting your immune system into overdrive!!

I got my letter yesterday but only cause i was on mavenclad just before all this started…ms alone doesn’t qualify from what I’ve been told.

If she’s on DMD’s she is classed as vulnerable and on the government list.

i think it’s third one from the bottom about having a weakened immune system.

not all DMD`s make you vulnerable.

i had the letter to say the DMD im on put me at medium risk and to just social distance like the rest of society.

Hi Florence

Not necessarily - it depends on the DMD, as not all are immunosuppressants. I’m on Tecfidera, which isn’t, so I’m not on the government list.


Most of us with MS are not at HIGH RISK from the virus so we wouldn’t have got the HIGH RISK letter from the govt.we are classed as MEDIUM risk so wont get the govt letter.My other half is on the high risk list as he has a blood disorder that makes his immune system very weak so he got the letter to tell him to shield for 12 week.I have been told just to social distance like most others have.