Couple of questions

Hi everyone, I impulsively applied for a job the other day and was today told I have progressed to stage 3 of a 6 stage interview process (yawn!). Anyway I said no to having a disability on the application as I don’t consider myself to be, but if I’m offered the job in 3 stages time, should I tell someone about the MS? Might not be an issue as I may loose interest by stage 6! The other question is when declaring ms to the DVLA, how long roughly does it take between giving consent for medical details to be released and getting your license back? I realise it’s a how long is a piece if string question, just a ball park would help! As I’m still on a provisional I can’t take up lessons again until it returns, been waiting 12 weeks already :frowning: Thanks guys, Leora x

I can offer some advice on the driving , How long is a piece of string – my last licence was due for renewel in Febuary 2013 , the rules state you can continue to drive until told otherwise – which in my case was lucky as i did not get my licence back again until August – partly my Neuro partly DVLA who insisted i had not sent my licence back – until confronted with a copy of the "signed for " form being sent to them

Hi Leora

With the DVLA it depends on so many things. When I informed them the first time, after diagnosis, I got my licence back really quickly, in about 6 weeks, so I was wondering what the fuss was about. When it was due for renewal 3 years later it took months. I moved house in the middle of the process so phoned them and they wrote back to say they were still waiting to hear from my GP (even though I had told them I never consult him about the MS). They had written to him again and still hadn’t had a reply (yep, sounds like my GP alright!). My surgery said he was on holiday and would reply the following week on his return. I think it still took another month to get my licence back and the DVLA sent it to the old address so I had to return it to change the address lol!!! In all I think it took about 4-5 months so I hope yours is much quicker.

As far as the job goes, it really is up to you. I think I would play it by ear if you are successful and offered the job. Some people really can’t see past the MS whereas some people are really understanding and still treat you like a normal human being but with a little empathy when you need it. The problem is, it isn’t until you have worked with someone for a while that you know what they are going to be like. It’s a difficult one to judge until you get to know somebody a bit better.

Tracey x

Thanks to you both, guess my license will be back when it’s back! I tried ringing them, pressed 300 buttons, and got nowhere! On the job issue I guess your right Tracey, won’t know who to tell until I know the people. Thanks for you help as always. L x