Counting Ships not sheep

I count sheep to get to sleep but most days I test my theory about counting ships in the sea off Margate

Today there were twelve dotted along the horizon


Hi Don, I don’t count sheep because they don’t take their job very seriously and start eating grass and let all the worries/thoughts creep in! Instead I go through the alphabet trying to name three flowers for each letter, mostly only get to F and very rarely get as any further than J! I suppose the same system could be used with other thing I.e. animals, cars, famous people etc. It works for me because it takes just enough brain power to stop me worrying but not so much that it stops me sleeping :slight_smile:

My trick is to count down from 1,000 in multiples of 3 (i.e. 1000, 997, 994, 991, 988…). I rarely make it out of the nine hundreds before I’m happily in the land of nod.


wow, i can never do any of that stuff. It becomes a battle, i wont give in until i have finished the task, would then keep me awake trying to find the name of that third flower beining with u or can i have rose and rose hip for r but technically rose hip is the fruit of a dog rose, so would that be d or r?

My trick is to take topiramate…,just about make it to my bed :slight_smile:

YEP that was me last night I was including stuff that wasnt technically a flower but stuff that was green and grew plus a few weeds thrown in for good measure ??? heee heeee.

Blossom that sounds bliss I used to take something similar but I cant remember the name. It was for restless legs but nowadays if I could get them to move I would let out an enormous cheer.


tried the sheep counting never got far till i was angry upset and ready to punch out then i got help and the pregaballin at 9pm then mirtazapine at 11pm and a diazepam to finish at 12am if needed im usually out for the count by 11.30pm so my sleep issue is cured and the sheep are saved

respect sheep


Nothing to do with sleep but the title of your post makes me smile

A few years ago my daughter and I were in Paris eating out at a rather posh bistro. The waitress took pity on us and translated the menu. Her accent was … Very French! All went well until we came to ship’s cheese. Colour us dumb but we spent a good few minutes working out that she had muddle goat with sheep and sheep morphed into ship


Ships cheese I must ask for that when next at the cheese counter