Sleep where for art thou

One twenty one sitting here drinking tea eating biscuits just played twenty game’s of freecell. I got endoscopy tomorrow so need my beauty sleep but can I sleep. Maybe need to count more sheep.

Hi don, that makes 2 of us I am playing solitaire, good luck with endoscopy.


As one of life’s insomniacs I promise counting sheep doesn’t work!

wishing you well today and hope you managed some sleep. X

Yep got a bit of sleep and a lay in the Day after not that it matters one day blends into the next nothing changes apart from the date.

Update from miserable of Margate

Here here


I think of my insomnia as a way to catch up with my reading. For me its never a case of being tired and can’t sleep - when mine hits, I’m just not tired, I could happy clean the kitchen, if I was that way inclined. Then it gets to 6 o’clock, its getting bright outside and I start resembling a zombie on valium


BJK zombie on valium thats a nice turn of phrase and a look I can say a look that I know well.