Could this be MS?


I’m puzzled about two “episodes” that I have had recently and wondered if they rang a bell with anyone.

In mid-august I’d just had lunch with a friend and was walking back to the railway station when I came to a small flight of steps with no handrail which I’ve walked up and down with no problems before but this time I felt faint and dizzy looking down them, my legs went weak and I felt as though I would fall if I tried to go down them.I walked down a slope instead but had to stop and rest as the feeling of dizziness continued and I felt breathless.I managed to get to the railway station but I felt mentally “detached” and dizzy the weakness in my thigh muscles continued and my feet felt as though they were not part of me! I had to get my husband to meet me on the platform and help me to walk to the car at the other end of my journey.I had to rest for a few days before I felt better but wasn’t able to walk as far as I could before (about 15 minutes max.).

At the end of september I had a similar “turn” but felt much worse afterwards. I spent most of my time resting on the settee as the weakness in my thigh muscles remained and the poor sense of balance when walking.Luckily we live in a bungalow.I wasn’t able to stand for long and felt as though I was going to collapse when I had a shower and would easily get out of breath.I felt absolutely exhausted and struggled to keep my eyes open! My speech has also been a bit slurred and my brain was definitely fogged; can’t think of words,forget the end of sentences and have no memory; think I’ll do x and end up doing y!

The mobility has been improving week on week and I’ve been able to walk up and down stairs but I still can’t walk far or stand for a long time without feeling exhausted but I’m scared of going out on my own or driving in case it happens again.

I’m an 54 year-old woman and have had lots of “symptoms” for several years but put them down to the menopause but this time I went to my GP who has done blood tests; negative for thyroid,diabetes,vit.d def, anaemia; everything seems o.k! I’ve also been referred to a endocrinologist who has also ruled out thyroid but sent me for an ecg.I thought it could be thyroid because of hairloss, loss of sense of taste,constipation (worse than usual),sore runny eyes and having to pass water frequently.I’m a really bad sleeper as well and would love to have 6 hours of sleep for christmas! I’ve had periods of “non-flu” in the past which start with a sickly headache and aversion to light and noise, which have got better after two to three days if I rest but they did not seem to leave me weak afterwards like these last two bouts have.

P.S; my GP ruled out MS because he said that it would only affect one limb or one side of the body?

Sorry for the long post but I hope someone can shed some light for me!

Helllo chick!

It is quite possible that something other than MS is causing your problems.

If your doc has ruled out MS then please dont try to read yourself into it. I did that and wasted to much mental energy on it.

No need to apologise for a long post…whatever you need to say, needs to be said. The members of this forum are used to all kinds of posts.

I hope things improve for you and you can forget MS ns move on un.

luv Polx

Hi, Boudica;

Thanks for the reply…you’re right about the risk of reading too much info. and jumping to conclusions and I’m a bit of a control freak which this isn’t letting me be so I’m trying to learn to chill…

My GP hasn’t considered MS or any other possibilities really, he just ruled MS out because “it would only affect one side of my body”?? What he did say was that he’d had another female patient with very similar symptoms and never found out what was wrong with her; “female of a certain age” syndrome, I guess.

I think that I’m extra concerned about fainting and falling because I had a (totally accidental) fall five months ago and am still in a lot of pain from a frozen shoulder and cracked rib and don’t want to make that any worse, doh!

ooo sounds painful hun.

My GP preferred to let the neuros do the diagnosing and never mentioned MS herself. It was me who said it to her!

Take care yeh!


Hi liauq. Saw your post and feel for u. I dont have ms diagnosis but instead am in limboland like many others here. Have been diagnosed as cis as had one big relapse. When this started the symptoms came on very quickly over a few days, starting with pins and needles in the fingers of both hands but soon affecting both arms and legs. I was very scared that I was having a stroke and was checked out by various gps, drs . I was told a couple of times that I couldn’t be having a stroke as all my symptoms would be on one side of my body. At the time I was also suffering hugely from anxiety which can be an ms symptom and my short term memory is not the best and I had sometimes got things a little bit wrong on what I thought id been told verbally. I now have a notebook and write down wbat happened straight after appointment s. Hope this helps. Not saying whether or not u have ms, im not qualified to say of course, but u could go back to ur gp and check over what was said previously and that will hopefully make u feel a little bit more informed about ghe road ur on. My symptoms have really improved since then. Hope urs will too and tgat u find ou whats going on. Good luck. Froo


thanks for your post and lots of luck with your health and diagnosis.

I was also worried about having a “TIA” as my grannie,mother and sister all had massive disabling strokes but discounted it for me because of “FAST” didn’t fit the bill.My short-term memory has gone to pot, if I don’t do something as soon as I think about it, it will not get done, my vocabulary has gone to pot and when I’m trying to tell my husband something, the sentence often ends with me doing an imitation of a fin-flapping guppie, but I’m trying to see the funny side! x