Could this be MS (too nervous to go to doctor)

Hi, I have a strange set of sypmtoms, but don’t really want to go back to the doctor again, as I feel as I’m wasting their time.

Would anyone be so kind as to tell me whether these symptoms may indeed be MS? I only ask as every time I google the symptoms, MS seems to come up as a possible cause.

These are the symptoms:

  • Extreme fatigue - not all the time, maybe 60%. Some days I don’t want to get up out of the chair, or even walk anywhere, others I have normal energy.
  • Tingling in ends of fingers – not all the time, mainly little fingers.
  • Dizziness. I feel dizzy like I’ve spun around, but the room is not spinning. It especially gets worse if I turn head too quick.
  • Nausia from dizziness.
  • Fuzzy brain. Forgetting very simple words in the middle of a sentence, forgetting names. Forgetting very easy things. Slurring sometimes. I sound like an old man with dementia sometimes (I’m 32).
  • Mental confusion sometimes. Losing my thoughts.
  • Depression sometimes.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Restless legs - weird feeling in one leg.
  • Weird, frustrating feeling in fingers (hard to describe).
  • Muscle twitches - fairly frequently - one muscle can twitch for days.

Now, I’ve been to doc about several of the symptoms.

For fatigue they checked bloods for thyroid problems. Results were fine. I was told basically, to get moving and the fatigue will eventually dissappear.

For dizziness and tinnitus, I was referred to ENT. First they say BPPV, then labrythitis, then they say Menieres, but admit they really don’t know. I had MRI but it came back there was nothing wrong in the ear canals. They say they can’t diagnose anything particular, and give me a set of exercises that were supposed to help with the nausia and dizziness. I did it for a week and it didn’t help. And some medication for nausia.

For the forgetfulness, the doc gave me a dementia questionnaire, and said to fill it out and come back again. I didn’t. It’s obviously not dementia.

I don’t want to go back to the doctor because it seems pathetic. Despite these symptoms, whoever I mention them to, don’t really seem to take them seriously. By all other accounts I appear perfectly well, so I must come accross as strange, or a hypocondriac (it took like 20 seconds for me to remember that word).

Whenever I go to doctor, I walk in there perfectly confident, and energized. I speak clearly. I can’t imagine being taken seriously if I describe these symptoms.

But anyway, enough of my sob story.

What do you think?

Does any of this sound like MS?

Do any of you who have been diagnosed, suffer from these problems, I mean, appearing completely ok otherwise?

Thanks so much. It would be really helpful if someone would reply.

Much appreciated.

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Hya, and welcome to the site…

Sorry it seems like your post got held up… so I hope you come back to see if there are replies.

Firstly I have to say that yes, your symptoms do sound MS-like, and secondly that there are literally hundreds of conditions that have similar symptoms… so because the symptoms are MS-like does not mean that you have MS.

However saying that you obviously do need to get all of this seen to and find out what’s causing the problems.

I suggest you write a list of the main symptoms as you have above… do not make the list too long or too detailed as GP’s always think that’s a sign of health anxiety and will not take you seriously.

I would also suggest you take someone along with you to back you up. A partner, mother, friend… anyone who can say how these symptoms are a real problem and how concerned they are also.

Whatever you do, do NOT tell the doctor that you have been googling symptoms or that you think it might be MS. Doctor’s hate to hear that and again they will not take you seriously.

Let’s hope that the doctor refers you to a neurologist, which is the first step in finding out what’s going on and IF it might be MS.

If you don’t get the referal from the doctor… come back on here and we’ll think of a Plan B!

Take care hon… and keep open minded. As I said, it could be one of many conditions, and hopefully you can get it investigated properly soon.

Pat x