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hi folks

hope all is good, or is as best as can be. does anyone else watch corrie and get irritated (albeit only slightly) by the inaccuracies in the story of izzie’s need for cannabis? the other night she was told she can’t have a cannabis-based pain relief (sativex i presume) but people with ms could… if only eh? i really wish life would imitate art.


l have Sativex on prescription - for about 4 yrs now. Could not tolerate the awful side-effects of baclofen and tizanidine - not to mention Gabapentin and Pregabalin. All of which made me so weak in body and mind. lts the only prescription drug l use. Take lots of supplements.

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was it hard to get prescribed?

Yeh, I thought that too fluff.

I once asked for sativex and was told, no…it has only shown a 50% benefit in this area, in trials.

50% is great, innit?



My GP let me have a private prescription for it - and as soon as it became licensed for ms use - she contacted a neuro who gave his ‘nod’ - and l then had the nhs prescription. Did have a bit of trouble when a new GP started at the practise and refused my repeat prescription request. My district nurse stepped in - asked a GP at the other surgery in the village - and she said that once a medicine has been prescribed - and it worked - then it could not be refused. She even printed off the page for me. So l changed surgeries. Now that GP and two others have left - and the replacements l am not feeling happy about going to. Mainly, because l cannot understand them - their English is not very good - and they have no bedside manner - not even a smile - so l am thinking of changing to another surgery. l have spoken to the manager of the local pharmacy about it. She said make sure that they will agree to prescribe Sativex before changing. She also said that she has heard lots of complaints about the new GP’s in my practise.

When l was paying for it myself - it was £190 for a box of 4 phials - which lasted me ages. Now it is double or more for 3 phials.

Lets hope that the cannabis story on Corrie will go further - could do us some good.

Have you all signed the petition.


thanks space

good to know you managed to get it, and it worked. disgusting that you have to go through so many people and judgements to get it, and especially lamentable that you had to pay for it as well.

i too hope the corrie storyline gets discussion going, but i fear it may descend into ‘drugs are all the same’, ‘all drugs are bad and because drugs are illegal, they shouldn’t be used’ and ‘anyone who uses them is a degenerate lowlife not fit to be part of society, let alone parent a child’ ie the party line.

fingers crossed some balance is used, fluffyollie xx

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I live in Oldham who are covered by the Pennine trust.

Neurology services are provided by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

I see a Neurologist at the Floyd Centre at Rochdale. ( a rehabilitation centre ).

They do not support Sativex and Corrie is in that area.

You can probably can get a private perscription but it would cost a fortune.

I don’t watch Corrie so don’t know the story but it sounds right if her doc won’t perscribe it.

Also I think it has to be a Neurologist who perscribes it.


The Canbex trial is still recruiting for those that meet the criteria.

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hi fluffyollie

i noticed the sativex comment too although she was told that it was only for people with ms!

it was good that she asked for it because she didnt want to be taking a illegal drug.

whammel’s link looks worth investigating.

carole x

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It’s misleading to say that Sativex is available on the NHS.

Doctors who work in the NHS may prescribe it, but the patient still has to pay the full amount, which is about £400 a month. It’s not available at the prescription charge rate because NICE say its benefits are not proven.


Anthony - That is not true - l have Sativex on a repeat prescription - for the last 4 yrs. And its benefits have been proven to be at least 50%.

Hi Frances, just to clarify…do you get sativex for free?


Yes Poll - lts on repeat prescription. And as l am over 60 now -it is free. But for years before then - l had exemption from prescription charges. MS is a progressive illness - l got the forms from doctors receptionist and got it signed. l have had PPMS for 33yrs. You need to be pro-active - and stand your ground. Or in our case - me on my Tramper and you in your chariot!!!

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