Coping with fatigue

I’m awaiting diagnosis. It’s hard to cope with the anxiety while I wait for the nerve conduction tests and neurological consultation. The actual symptoms. - balance problems, falling, loss of sensation in hands and feet, brain fog etc, are bad, but the fatigue is crippling.Any suggestions on how to manage it? I try pacing myself, but I get discouraged by how little I can do, then push myself and can barely get moving the next day.

yes you can stop PUSHING yourself.

Chill out lounge suit on (if you dont work) hide the hoover, and just veg on the sofa and watch some banal rubbish on t.v., netflix etc. best therepy for fatigue IMHO. xxxxx

good luck with your tests and hope you get a diagnosis of whatever it is that is troubling you. xxx

Fatigue is a total git. What you described is an early lesson in listening to your body. I am a big fan of testing the boundaries but I will never win against fatigue. The limits do vary so I have times when I can push harder. After 30 odd years I am better at pacing myself but still get spectacularly poleaxed when I get it wrong. I have also agreed specific words with my family to differentiate between tired and fatigued. All the best

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