Hi all, Is anyone on Copaxone and how often do you have an MRI? I was just wondering if there was a set protocol to keep track of how the drug is dealing with lesions or do they just go by how you are feeling? Thanks heather

Hi I am on Copaxone and have been for three years and I can honestly say I have never had an MRI even when I was first diagnosed admittedly I was horrified about an MRI because I am claustrophobic and two different neuros said they could diagnose without one. So no I haven’t had one. Roberta x

hello ladies :o) i’m starting treatment in July, have to choose from Copaxone, Avonex, Rebif, Extavia and Betaferon so any info on Copaxone through experience would be greatly appreciated xo

Hi there

i have been on Copaxone for just over a year and it has been fine. I get like a bee sting each time I inject with the autoinjector and also some lumps and bumps but these do go away. I inject before I go to bed as i dont forget working this into my bedtime routine. Ive had one relapse just after Christmas but feeling good now. Just hope it continues to do a good job. Goodluck with whatever one your decide on. Best wishes Heather .

I start on wed on Copaxone and have neuro appt Feb next year and he said dependant on how I was after those months on he would decide whether to scan or not.


Hi Pip

Thanks for your reply. I will just have to wait and see, hopefully I will keep well until I see him next which will mean only one relapse in a year and a half. This is fantastic for me as before starting it I was struggling with flair ups every 3 - 4 months. Good luck with starting your injections Pip. Heather.

i had a MRI before i was dx.

started on copaxone 3 years ago and have never been offered another MRI.

they monitor the effectiveness of the drug by noting any relapses.

carole xx

Hi all,

Copaxone is the only drug my consultant has suggested as I have epilepsy and most others might affect it. I’m having an MRI and then it will be discussed again. So as above any experiences are good :slight_smile: