Hi all

Well, after my neurologist saying he didn’t reccommend any DMD’s, my clinic letter says I’m eligable for Copaxone. I’ve got an appointment with the MS nurse on the 25th May. I’ve read lots on line and the MS decisions website and I think I would like to take this. If there is even a small chance of Copaxone preventing things getting worse, then I think this is a chance worth taking.

But, does this come in an auto-injector or something similar? I’m not sure I will be able to stick needles into myself. I think I could cope with an auto-injector. If not, my husband said he’ll do it and I work in a GP’s surgery so plenty of help there! Also, how to people manage when they’re on holiday? We’re flying to Costa del Sol in October with BA. ( I cancelled our Disneyland Paris trip, we decided it would be too tiring). We’ve rented an apartment so we’ll be ok for a fridge. Do I have to tell the airline I’ve got needles, I’m guessing I do as I’m sure I’ve done letters for patients before.


Hello Lindylou62

I’ve been on Copaxone for 6 months or so. I’m glad you did all the research first. MsDecisions site is very helpful.

Copaxone does come with an auto-inject device which is quite easy to use. The needle is very small and you don’t see it at all when doing the injections. I was really worried before starting at the thought of injecting myself, but you get a lot of support from your MS nurse/the Copaxone nurse and now it just feels like part of a daily routine.

If planning a holiday:

1/ Tell your MS nurse that you are thinking of booking so that any issues can be discussed.

2/ If flying you will need a dated letter to show at customs and airport security outlining why you are carrying Copaxone injections, what they are for, how many you have, dosage and frequency of injection. Your MS nurse can arrange for your consultant to write this letter for you, but allow at least two weeks for it to arrive.

3/ Notify the hotel if you have any dietary requirements

4/ When packing pack enough for your trip and a few extra just in case

5/ Copaxone should be in your hand luggage. Aircraft hold is too cold for it. Pack carefully as syringes are made of glass. Take travel bag and ice pack (provided with your Copaxone) if temperatures are likely to be above 25 degrees C at any stage.

6/ You will need your travel sharps container. These can hold two weeks’ worth of used syringes.

7/ You’re right to keep it in a refrigerator. Bear in mind that the syringes, on a single occasion, cam be out of the fridge at room temperature for up to a month

The ease of travel with Copaxone is one of its major advantages. Once you are signed up to the drug, you will be given a pack with lots of helpful information, including a booklet which gives details about travelling with Copaxone. It also gives links to the free 'phoneline you can ring if you require any further advice for travelling with the drug.

Hope all that helps and have a great time!


I was on Copaxone for 4 years - it is really easy to inject and soon becomes just another part of your getting up routine if you inject in the morning. It’s fine at room temperature for up to 30 days so you don’t need to worry about keeping it cold while you’re travelling and then, just to be sure, put it in the fridge in the apartment. Karen x