Copaxone - question for other users


I’ve been on Copaxone for three years now. Does anyone else find that they get every single bug and other weird infection known to man? I keep getting ill: staph skin infections that won’t go away, dreadful colds. My GP mentioned that Copaxone can compromise your immune system, which seemed pretty ironic to me, but is there any truth in this?


I start on Copaxone at the end of this month, the reason I chose this DMD is I was led to believe the side effects were fairly minimal compared to other drugs.

i’ve been on copaxone for nearly 5 years.

i havent noticed any problems with my immune system other than its habit of eating my myelin

carole x

although i’ve had quite a few UTIs

I chose Copaxone for the same reasons. To be fair, compared to what I have heard about the side effects of other options Copaxone does sound relatively problem free. I do suspect that it’s tampering with my immune system at the moment. From research I’ve done I’m not the only one, and its perhaps an under-reported/advertised side effect, for obvious reasons. I’ve just found an FDA letter online from March of last year warning the public about inflated efficacy claims and understated side effects. I’m a bit concerned.