new to copaxone - kruffley

Hi all, havent been on for some time so hope all are well.

I started Copaxone on Tuesday, since then my relapse symptoms seem to have worsened and I have fallen twice - never having fallen before.

Has anybody else had similar things happen to them at the start?

All comments welcomed


It takes a while for DMDs to get into our system properly so I would think that it's a coincidence that your symptoms have got worse. Starting a DMD is pretty stressful so maybe the stress has exacerbated things?


I was on Copaxone for 4 years. It worked brilliantly for me - 3.5 years relapse free! I hope it works as well if not better for you happy2


Karen x


I'm sorry to hear that you fell.

I've been on Copaxone since August and it seems to be working okay.  I felt a bit light-headed when I was first on it, but I think that was the back-end of a relapse, and as Karen says it does take a while to work.  I probably started to feel that it was working at the end of last year.

Good luck and stick with it for a while.


The "official" line is that it takes "up to six months" to have a real effect - and then we are into the realms of averages, and how much it may help.  I doubt if you would have any effect after a few days.

I had three relapses in the six months before I started Copaxone (mid-June last year) and I have only had two since. That is not as good as Karen, but a bit better than average.  And no, I did not notice any side effects at all.


Hi there,

I've been on copx for about 4 years now. Main side effect has always been skin issues. Specially the first 6 months.  But fatigue level is overall better & fell brighter in myself.  Plus only 2 minor relapses in that time. So I'll stick with it for now.

Does take a while to get into your system so be patent & if in doubt talk to your nurse or the copax help line.

good luc