Copaxone and viral infections

Im wondering if anyone is on copaxone and has experienced an increase in the amount of colds? Ive been on this since April and have just been fighting off my 4th cold virus since starting. I do feel the copaxone is dampening down any flair ups, and would not stop it,  but having to deal with constant cold after cold is really wearing me down.  Maybe I need to take some extra supplements?? Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks Heather 

Just had a wee look at Copaxone side effects on the people on Copaxone on the clinical trial seemed to have more infections & viruses than the people on the placebo, but the numbers were pretty small. Looks like you might be one of the unlucky ones? :-(

I know next to nothing about supplements, but it sounds like you need something - a constant cold is no fun!

Karen x

Absolutely! Since starting copaxone in feb this yr i have had 3 ear infections, 3 sinus infections, 2 colds and have been told today i have an upper respiratory viral infection! Prior to copaxone i never had problems with my ears or sinus’. My neuro says the research shows copaxone doesn’t increase incidence of infection, yet the leaflet that comes with the copaxone says it does. During my last sinus infection my gp suggested 1g of vitamin c and a zinc suppliment daily to reduce the longevity of the infection but i don’t know about suppliments long term. Good luck and happy new year

Nicola xx

I have had a cold on and off for the last 13 months and also  found since being on Copaxone (since end of November this year) i have had two  ear infections but I feel a bit better in myself so I'm sticking it out to see what happens.

Happy new year  all

Allie xxx

Thanks for the advice everyone. Today I went out and bought some Vitamin C so going to give this ago. Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year. Best wishes Heather