Copaxone/Medrol wight gain

Hi (first I want to say sorry for my english it’s not my primary language)

I wanted to ask:

About a month ago I was in hospital because I had an attack it was so strong I was not able to walk or eat I threw up everything immediately. When I was feeling better they sent me home and they gave me pills called medrol. I was 46 kg that’s 103.617 pounds when I went home from the hospital now I am 51 kg that’s 112.436 pounds (my average weight is 51 - 55 kg that’s 121.254 pounds). So I have 51 kg now still not my average 55 but my hmmm “belly”? “abdomen”? is a little bit bigger than it was before and I know when you are on medrol you can gain weight I was on it for 1 month now I am “medrol - free” for 2 weeks and I am injecting myself with copaxone. (for 2 weeks) Will I gain weight? Because my whole life I was skinny guy I have also increased metabolism but I am afraid that I will gain weight (a lot of it :frowning: )

And I know that a little bit bigger belly can be from fluid retention (I know medrol can cause that) I also have a little bit bigger face but I HOPE it will go away.

Can it be from water retention? :expressionless:

Sorry but there is a big mistake in the heading

Copaxone/Medrol weight gain is the right heading.


hi rene

ask your gp about water retention, it should be fairly easy to treat.

i wish you well with copaxone but look after your injection sites because i had to stop injecting as mine were a mess.

good luck

carole x

When I had my first attack my face and belly were a lot bigger than this time.

And everything returned to normal overtime so I think I just have to wait a little bit longer.

I was just a little bit scared about this weight gaining you know my legs are not very strong and if I will gain weight well it will be difficult for me to walk.

And my injection sites they doesn’t even look like I am injecting myself with something.