Can I gain weight from only...


I only wanted to ask when I am on solu medrol or normal medrol (i mean pills) the most common side effects are: “moon” face, headaches, and weight gain…

My question is… Can I gain weight only from taking this drug or is that weight gain from increased appetite <— also side effect.

Thank you for your answer!

(and sorry for my English it’s not my primary language)

hi rene

i really don’t know whether your medication causes weight gain or the increased appetite.

just have lots of healthy snacks around for when you feel a feeding frenzy coming on.

don’t apologise for your english, it is very good.

carole x

Given that a course of steroids is typically only 5 days long, it’s not likely that you’d put on tons of weight whilst taking the drug. It’s more likely to cause weight gain on a lower dose with longer term use. Or of course as Carole says increased appetite could cause you to eat more.

Personally, I’ve always found the horrible taste in my mouth from the drug actually puts me off eating.


I have been told by doctors that it is not the drug that puts on weight. It is the fact that the drug makes you feel hungry. so if you can snack on healthy things that would be better. Hope this helps. Ps your English is very good. NO apologies needed. Anne x