copaxone treatment

when I was at my neuros in March boy was I struggling with my walking he gave me steroid tablets there and then, 500mg for 5 days, he timed me walking 25yard it took me 78 seconds when I went back to see him in August he saw the improvement right away I walked the same 25 yards and I was quicker sorry cant remember the time :oops: but hes put me on copaxone because I was quicker post steroids I’m still waiting on it being delivered, than I have to phone my ms nurse to show me how to inject my copaxone, I have been trying to find out the effects it will have on my MS all I’ve read up to now is that I will gain weight while on it., anyone else on it do you find your weight going up? or is it a side effect that I might be struggling to keep my weight under control. :smiley: Al x

Hi I have been on Copaxone for 14 months now and I have actually lost weight. I think this is due to the fact that I have stopped having dibilitating relapses and can be more active. It has changed my life for the better, as I am not worrying all the time that I have going to have another relapse. I have never heard about weight gain with Copaxone and I am truly grateful that I never did as I am so vain I probably would not have agreed to take it if I had. Gina xx

Hi Al. I didn’t put any weight on with Copaxone either. It is dead easy to inject and it helped to keep me relapse free for more than 3 years :slight_smile: Only side effects for me were redness, lumps and bumps at the injection sites. No “flu” that you get with with the interferons either. I hope it works really well for you :slight_smile: Karen x

thank you very much for your responses, this is 7 weeks now since I saw neuro and he told me I had to go on this in about 6 weeks, can I ask what improvements have you found with it? how long before the first batch were delivered out to you? once you begin the injections how often is it delivered to you? sorry for all the questions Al x

I don’t believe I’ve put on any weight as a result of taking C’one. I know I put on several lbs through comfort eating when I was off work on sick leave; since returning to work my weight has dropped down to where it was - I’m still a ‘fat bird’ :roll: but fit into my work clothes now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Clarexxx

Hi It take ages (approx 3 1/2 months) for my first delivery, but that was because of some confusion as I had stopped Betaferon due to horrible effects :? I have noticed a big difference since starting as I have had no relapses in the 14 months I have been taking it. However, I do get lumps and bumps from the injections, but they do eventually go. They are delivered monthly. Gina xx :stuck_out_tongue: