copaxone jaggin up

day 2 of jaggin myself up. Cant say im having a bad time but its not my favourite thing to do

Does it always sting afterwards? for like 10 minutes?

does it go away after youve been doin it for a while?

Pain does get better, promise!!! On 7th year of “jaggin” up! Love the term! Try to not dread it, makes it a whole lot worse! You,l get so used to it soon that it,l be just a routine. Still gives me “jip” at times, but not for long. If you still have trouble ask MS nurse to advise, found out that I hadnt got the gauge quite right, made hell of a difference when I did! Goodluck! Tracey xx

this is good news, i like.

You on the auto injector? i cant find mine :s, im takin mine old school, like a smackhead:)

Have you noticed a difference while bein on it? Improvement in any aspect of the disease etc?

Hi Raymond,

I’ve only been on Copaxone for 2 weeks and have noticed that if the angle is not quite right it stings for longer. I read all the documents that came with it and seem to have the hang of it now and the stinging only lasts a few seconds. I tried the auto inject but didn’t like it but it’s down to personal preference really. If your having problems speak to your MS nurse mine were brilliant.

Obviously having only been taking this for 2 weeks I can’t comment on any improvements however before I started I looked at some old posts on here and a few people have said they have noticed a difference and seem to have fewer episodes which I am really looking forward to so fingers crossed for us all


Hi Raymond. I am on the autopen, too chicken for old school!!! Did make a difference for a long time, takes a while to get into the system though. Try the auto malarky, sure cos Im not actually doing it myself stops it hurting too much!!! Dont rub the sites though, makes em worse!!! Have got “dents” now, affects the fat layer a bit, on the good side, have a trim behind!!! Good luck Tracey xx

Hi Raymond, I’ve been on it for since september and its certainly the best of the bunch :slight_smile: and yes it gets a lot easier and less pain full :slight_smile: I have the pen on number 10 (as told by MS nurse) and grab a big bunch of flab ( what I can as I’m only 12 stone and pretty toned) and its fine :slight_smile: the Avonex was horrible and Rebif not much better. Copaxone all the way !! Haha (just hope I can combat this low mood) not sure if its Copaxone or not any info on this would be great :slight_smile: Thanks Brett

thanks for the replies, hearing a lot about the copaxone and low mood theory, hope its not true,

roll on the cure:)