Copaxone anyone????

Just wondered if any other PPMS sufferers had been offered this by their neurologist if so what were the results?

My consultant has never told me what type I have although I know its PPMS as I dont have relapses and my symptoms are slowly getting worse and nothing ever improves. Although I queried why he wants me to try this as I dont have relapses etc he said it has the possibility to slow progression.

Anyone else ever been told this or am I right to be going in there next week to ask to be referred to another consultant who I have more faith in and one who knows what the heck he is actually doing?

Its been a while but I hope you all had a fab xmas and an even better new year…


I have always been told that there are no approved treatments for PPMS and DMD’s would be pointless. Something that has helped me is low dose naltrexone and you can read some reliable information at:

I was also under the same impression whammel…Just wondered if something had slipped past my radar in the past year or so. But thanks for your response.

Well my neuro is a numpty then…

Have been on LDN too and didnt find it helped me that much after a little while.

Found it stopped my friends lovely cookies from working as my relaxant at night though.

Am just on Pregablin, happy pills & Amitriptyline at nights now.

oh well NEXT!

Oh well, at least those lovely “cookies” are helping you through the night. All the best with the search for that elusive treatment.