copaxone and refrigeration

Good evening to you all

I wish to pick you extremely knowledgeable brains. I have always had my copaxone delivered at home but this had become extremely difficult because of work and the school run so i decided to have it delivered to my local Lloyds chemist which it was on thursday. I went to pick it up on friday to discover that it had not been refridgerated. There was alot of panicing and apologies from the staff and they were frantically making phone calls. I could not wait any longer so i left my phone number with a staff member and left. Later that day i received a phone call fom evolution saying that they had put the syringes in the fridge now and i could pick them up on monday (why 3 days later i am not sure) and i would have to inject straight from the fridge, which always causes a bad reaction with me. I told them that i can not inject when cold and i would have to leave the syringe to get to room temperature for an hour. the girl went to ask advice and said that would be ok. I have been thinking about this and it is not ok as i would have to get up at 5am to get the syringe out of the fridge.

My question is do you think that i would be within my rights to say no and ask for a new box to be delivered? I wish they had left them out of the fridge and had 30 days to use them when i wanted.

thanks for any repies in advance



I would get a new box deliverd so as to be sure they had been properly refrigerated.

I kept mine in the fridge but took a weeks supply out at a time and kept that in my bedside drawer to inject at bedtime. That way it was always at room temperature. The syringes can stay out of the fridge for up to 30 days but I would be a bit wary of collecting them from the chemist unrefrigerated as you don’t know how long they were out and what temperatures they have been exposed to.

Hope it gets sorted.