copaxone and holiday break

Hi everyone

Another beautiful day forecast here in scotland .

I need a bit of advice about copaxone.I am going on holiday to Tenerife in January bit early I know.The hotel we have been going to for years has a fridge in the rooms which was great as I was previously was on rebif

The problem is I have heard reports of medication being taken out of fridge by hotel staff and left out in the heat a real concern for me the rest of the hotel is great this problem has only started recently we don’t want to change hotel as we meet up with friends plus hotel suits my mobility issues.

I just wondered if anyone has stopped taking copaxone for a couple of weeks which would solve the issue and worry and also give me a break from daily injections.

Or if anyone else has any other suggestions I would appreciate it very much.


Do the rooms have air conditioning because that would be ok for a couple of weeks. Definitely talk to the staff though.

Don’t think I would recommend stopping for a couple of weeks. Miss the occasional injection no great shakes but the full benefit of copaxone is cumulative and if you stopped for a period of time you can lose some of your built up protection. If your room has air co that will be fine.

Hi im off on holiday in couple weeks for 1 week and also on copaxone ive decided to have a week break I still suffer from sore injection sites and my ms nurse said 1 week break would be fine. Maybe a call to your nurse will help. Enjoy your holiday anyway x

Just has my Copaxone nurse around and she told me that if I miss a day it’ll be ok but a couple of days is bad as it accumulates in your system and you won’t have the build up anymore.

I keep usually 4 to 5 injects in my bag for a few days infront of me anyway…wouldn’t like to miss it mind you…