Cool & peaceful bliss

Getting the headphones on & doing some tinkering at night.

Today or yesterday, was a rough one. My left leg stopped working & my left arm was so weak it was a nightmare.

Tried to remind my son of my situation & it fell on deaf metal ears. So I thought, what the heck. Time for some electronic stimulation. Getting them drum beats sending some signals like Hienekin. A real release is needed. All the gangster rappers have school tomorrow & the drunken hobo’s are in a coma. Terry time…

you rock on puddle!

The night brings a peace to the mind. Headphones make us exclusive to our music.

The world turns while people sleep and only then are we free from harm.



Indeed Steve, but now I’ve fired up my PA in the day, to wake folks up.

Nothing like an 808 Tom & a Jupiter 8 patch to get the good vibrations going.

It’s made the boot opening taxi drivers, move their boom boxes elsewhere.

Best regards Terry Perry