Contrast MRI - Sore arm


Has anyone else had a sore arm following a contrast MRI?

I had one on Sunday and my arm has been a bit tender since, not at the point of injection but about 1/2 way between my elbow and shoulder. I have also got a very slight bruise in the same area.

I’ve had the same happen, was fine after a few weeks, should pass in a few more days. possibly hit a muscle or nerve when injected and that is why you are feeling it where you are


Yes, so have I. But it’s actually on the arm where the nurse didn’t manage to get the cannula in (yesterday, she tried my left arm - inside the elbow, then my right arm, twice, finally the right hand, which worked). So my left elbow ‘pit’ she dug around in for a while, failed and moved to the right. But the left elbow one bled more than any of the three stabs on the right arm, and today! My god it hurts, halfway up between my shoulder and elbow. There’s a small bruise roughly where it hurts, a little bruise on the site of the needle (but nothing major in either). I feel like there’s a bit of a small blood clot there. I doubt that it’s a big problem, but it really hurts, and give that there wasn’t even any contrast dye into that vein, all there was is a needle shuggling round trying to find the vein.

It helps massively to know that I’m not alone.


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