Consultants down south

Not sure how much I am allowed to say on here but just wondered if anyone down south way has had any experiences good or bad and with what consultant ? Pm me . I am currently seeing a neuro at Eastbourne hospital , but I’m thinking of starting again and getting a referral to another one . I’m not happy that he keeps no contact with me at all . I saw him 5-6 weeks ago he told me to contact him on how I’m getting on with new tabs after 2 weeks and by then he would have a second opinion on my slipped disc as well . I rang 3 weeks ago and spoke to his secretary ,she said she would tell him what I said about tablets and that he was still waiting on a neurosurgical opinion but would get back to me the following week . Well what a surprise no phone call . Rang yesterday and today just an answer phone . I had an appointment 2 weeks ago with a private neuro for a one off consultation . He then wrote to my gp saying he wanted me to have loads more blood tests and a chest X-ray which has all now been done . Just received a letter yesterday with all the results . He only received a one off payment for the consultation . But he has been so much more help than my current neuro . And kept me informed with letters for the past two weeks as to what he has been checking , regarding my MRI etc . All I want is to to be informed what is happening . Surely my neuro should have done all the blood tests etc . All I got from him is it is def not ms as I have no brain lesions on my mri and then given tablets . I feel like he doesn’t even want to try to find out what’s the matter with me, symptom control and that’s it . Ok rant over lol Sam xx