Constant Pain

Hi, my partner has only been diagnosed with MS in November. Since then, his relpases have gotten worse and seems to be in constant pain in his left peck/shoulder/arm/hand. He has completely lost feeling in his thumb and index finger. His neurologist has put him on 900mg Gabapentin three times a day, but this is not helping! He uses steriod cream when the pain is unbearable and even cocodamol but still doesn’t work. He has tried ice packs on the area too. He is waiting for Ocrevus infusion. Is there any tips on how we can prevent the pain to make it more bearable? I feel helpless and want to help him!! Any ideas would be massively appreciated!!

Hi, Welcome to the site. This symptom can be so painful and debilitating. I’ve experienced it in the past and tried acupuncture but it only held the pain at bay for about a week before it started up again. I then had a gold injection into my shoulder and it eased it for about four months before it returned. I had another one (it was hard convincing the GP to give this) and it worked and eased the pain. It wasn’t totally gone for about a year but it was more bearable. It’s worth asking the GP for a gold injection. Hope this helps :kissing_heart:

Thank you! We haven’t heard about this injection so we are looking it now! We really appreciate it!

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My girlfriend had Carbamazapine for the pain in her jaw.