Constant Headaches

Morning fellow MSers.

Just after a bit of advice.

I am now 14 weeks into this damned relapse and in the last week am now sufferering a lot of headaches. My walking has not gotten significantly better either. I took a day and a half off last week from work as I am finally starting to realise that sometimes I am pushing myself too much.

I work in a small team in a large head office, one member is on holiday this week and the other member only works Wednesday to Friday. I am working from home as I finally have a work laptop so can log into the network but probably should not be doing that as still suffering the headaches and feel so exhausted. However, if I were to not bother to work, I would feel guilty. I struggle to get it into my head that I am unwell. I was brought up that time off from work/school etc was for stomach upsets/24 hour bugs etc.

I am 34 and have worked since I was 17. I was disgnosed with relapsing remitting MS almost 3 years ago and am finding it difficult to undo 14 years of work ethos. I still always try to keep going as I always think that a) I am not going to give in to this sodding affliction and b) there is always someone far worse off.

Just wondering who else has/is suffering from this pang of guilt and how best to learn to step back.


Yes MS do cause headaches and this may be the cause of yours?

But what if it isn’t; could be Hughes see a blood test via your GP will prove or not.

This syndrome does cause lesions and it is possible to have MS and HS I believe.

Worth a check; HS can be easily controlled.