Consequence of dislocating shoulder


I dislocated my left shoulder twice, my left shoulder became unstable and as a result had to be stabilised. This was a 2 1/2 hour operation, repair rotator cuff and sew muscle back together. It took me a long time to get over the general anaesthetic also I am left handed and op was on left shoulder so can not use left hand.

Has anyone else found that the anaesthetic knocked them out out several days? Also has anyone lost the use of the hand they write with?At the moment I am typing with one hand. Evetrything is taking soooooo much longer.



This is not quite what you’re asking but…

I managed to fall and fracture my shoulder.

It is taking much longer to heal than I was hoping/expecting. 9 weeks later I still can’t drive or weight bear. In my case, this is probably more due to being an old git rather than my MS.

Fortunately for me I’m right handed as it was my left shoulder.

Like you I am typing one handed. Are you having physio? I’ve found it to be really helpful


Hello Patrick

It could be due to a combination of stress from the operation, post pain medication, plus effects of general anaesthetic. Hope you feel the benefits soon

Take care, Noreen x

Hello Blossom & Annie B,

Basically the totator cuff needed extensive repair as did a muscle. You just have to be patient.

The operation was a lot more traumatic than I was expecting, 2 1/2 hours and the MS does not make it any easier. I thought it was going to be a quick 40 minute job! Eachday I can dso something I could not do before. Every thing takes more time and requires more patience


hiya patrick

sorry to hear re ur tale…

i have no direct answer but just wanted to share something re shock/nerves…

last night my friend shut my hand in car door! my dominant right hand has been useless for over 2 yrs now but was my left ‘best’ hand. yes-they are discoloured today but the immediate reaction was tremor of my whole body. my friend got a huge shock and is on a guilt trip but i tried to reassure her it wasnt her fault but a genuine accident! i was still as bit extra shaky this morning but it is easing off. aint the body (and our reactions) strange?!

take care, ellie

Hiya Patrick, a few years back I fell and both dislocated and broke my left shoulder, was operated on, everything okay but the break was a bit of bone that literally holds arm into shoulder, couldn’t be fixed, only time would fuse the two parts together again, given physio for months but told that arm would never be same again, can’t wash hair (what’s left) struggle to hold pen etc (left handed) can only lift up to a certain height, can’t wave, still have small niggling ache, still, life goes on, Brian

Hi Patrick,

Does the surgeon know you’ve lost the use of your hand or that it’s worse then before the surgery? It could be a trapped nerve or pressure caused by the swelling but either way you should check with your doctor that what you’re experiencing with your hand is normal following surgery.

My own experience of general anaesthetic is that after an operation of the same length as yours I felt very weak for at least the first week.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Diane X

hi patrick

sorry to hear your sad story.

my son had trouble with his rotator cuff.

he has joints that click, always has had.

he has massive strtech marks on his back and has had them for ages since his last big growth spurt when he was 16.

he consulted the dreaded dr google and became very worried that he has marfan syndrome.

gp has referred him to dermatology with his stretch marks.

one more thing for me to worry about!

marfan is genetic and a recent documentary about richard the third said that he had marfan syndrome.

maybe we’re royalty!!

hope your shoulder gets back to normal soon

carole xx

Hi Diane227,

I can use my left hand except that 99% of the time it is in a sling. I must assume that upper arm is attached to my chest. So nothing wrong with hand/arm except that use is limited.

The fact that the anaesthetic affectd me for a week took me totally by surprise. I am sure the MS means it hangs around longer


Was this the first time you’ve had a genera anaesthetic? If not, do you know if the anaethetist used the same drugs as you’ve had previously? In my experience, not all anaethetists use the same drugs and the drugs they use can make a massive difference to how you feel in the first few days post-op - I’ve had reactions varying from groggy while awake and very sleepy for 24 hours or more, to clear-headed and not at all sleepy, depending on what the anaethetist used. That said, I haven’t had an operation since I developed MS, so I don’t know how much difference that makes.


Becase a general anaesthetic leaves you feeling so groggy quite often you are given a local and something to make you drowsy and sleepy. My sister is having a local when her hip is being replaced, the idea being that they get you walking straight away. Interesting thought