Confusing Neuro letter!

Hi!..well, I finally have random words in a letter that I sooo don’t understand but am going to screw myself up waiting for a clinic appointment (after having the initial tests 10 weeks ago!). Can anyone please help?..This is whats been sent:“Her evoked potentials did show a delay in somatosensory and bilaterally in her visual evoked responses. Oligoclonal band studies on the CSF did show some evidence of inflammation witholigoclonal bands in the CSF alone.”…I am not expecting a definitive diagnosis from the forum, but would please welcome some help


Sorry to say, but basically they are saying both tests were abnormal. As you’ve admitted in your post, it’s not possible for folks on a forum to diagnose, but clearly something’s up. These results do make it more likely you’ve had an MS-like episode, although that would not necessarily mean you have MS. There are other (rarer) demyelinating conditions, and it’s also possible to have just a single attack, that never goes on to satisfy the “multiple” bit of multiple sclerosis. One-off attacks are regarded as just that - not MS unless or until you ever have another, which not everyone does.