I’m a bit confused about tiredness and symptoms. I’m always tired and if I didn’t have responsibilities of looking after young children, I would be sleeping most of the day. Is this a symptom of MS or could it just be too much of broken sleep or neither?

What’s confusing me is Fatigue is symptom of MS but then my sister who is a GP says it’s not and said everything to say I’m wrong and not MS related.

I have got my first appointment with MS nurses next week so could check with them too. Any advice please?



Hello Salma

Show your sister this:

Yes, fatigue is real, it’s different to just ‘tired’. It’s a genuine symptom of MS. And why on earth someone didn’t label it something other than fatigue long ago I don’t know.

There are links from the MS Trust page to other useful hints as to fatigue management, etc.


Hi Sue Thank you for confirming that. It’s quite hard with I’ve got 2 GP’s and Psychiatrist in the family who seem to think they know in depth of all specialities. Can you maybe advise how I can do things differently to try feeling fresh for my girls as being tired all the time and trying to explain to a 5 year old is hard. Thanks Salma

hi salma

tell your eldest child that you don’t feel well and need lots of rest.

ok you can’t run around the park with them but you are great at reading stories.

and giving hugs and cuddles.

these are very good for you too.

the ms society or the ms trust has a book written for children which would be a good way in.

if your children want to help you, thank them and give lots of praise.

ditch the chores that don’t really need to be done.

nobody ever died from wearing wrinkled clothes so dump the ironing.

do your medical family offer any help, if they do then take it.

they should go back to their training, in-service training!

good luck and get lots of cuddle therapy.

carole x

Hi Carole Thanks for your reply. My daughter does understand I have problems with my legs but that’s best way I can explain to her. I’m glad my husband is very supportive and helps out around the house and with the girls. As for family I don’t really have much support. I will have to get a hold of ms info book for children and hope they can understand more. Salma xx